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Hi, Thank you for your interest to join us at Gaia Sharm. Gaia Ashram is a place and community where we live close to nature. We practice Permaculture and We use Ecovillage Design guidelines to design our projects and community. We welcome guests, volunteers, interns and courses participants from all around the world and all year round to join us. We values community and conscious living of people who care about our earth and searching for deep connection with nature. If you’re interested in joining us at Gaia Ashram, there are ways you could join us for short term or long term. 

Short Terms

Eco-Farm Stay

You could join us as guest in our beautiful Eco-Farm Stay! where you could relax, recharged, refreshed and reconnect by the power of nature here. We have been working hard trying to restore nature, create a peaceful, beautiful and healthy environment. We have been constantly,throughout all these years, blessing and expressing our love, gratitude and compassion, through our heart, mind and action, for the land and all being . We have been keeping our place free of alcohol drinking and drug uses. You can imagine how staying here for a few days can recharge you and make you feel connected with nature.  Stay with us for a night + vegetarian/vegan meals will cost you only 450 THB Book Now! or Learn More!


Ecovillage Lifestyle Experience Week.

If you have a week time and want to learn more about ecovillage lifetsyle and connect with nature through head, heart, hand and spirit, be introduced to Ecovillage Design, Permaculture Design and practices while learning to live in community we suggest you join us as in our Ecovillage Lifestyle Experience Week. In this week you will learn what is ecovillage lifestyle and how Gaia Ashram use Ecovillage Design to design our life and our project. How we manifest our values in day to day living. An Ecovillage Lifestyle Experience Week will cost you only 3,500 THB Book Now! or Learn More!

Long term stay in ecovillage

If you want to experience more and explore deeper into ecovillage lifestyle, Permaculture, community living and exploring yourself what is your passion, sharpen your skills with a lot of hands on experience and practices, living in a compassionate and conscious community with others you will surely learn more about yourself and be yourself. Learning to share and contribute in a community and to the land is a way to give you a sense of belonging and you will forget that sense of loneliness and meaningless. However, before you could join us as a volunteer you have to first join an Ecovillage Lifestyle Experience Week to get introduction to ecovillage lifestyle and community living. Want to volunteer?  Learn More!  

Volunteer with Us

After you have done the Ecovillage Lifestyle Experience Week which will cost you 3,500 THB You could Volunteer with Us for a minimum of one week. Volunteering with us at Gaia Ashram is a holistic learning for personal and ecological transformation. It is a learning stage of exploring to ‘find myself & my passion’ ‘clarifying my goal’ ‘finding my place in the community and in the world’ ‘Finding out how can I be myself and best serve nature and the community’. Off course this stage take different lenght of time to different people. 

For volunteering with us We ask for a contribution of 1,400 THB per week. This contribution will help us to cover some operational cost ie paying the cook, the manager & mentor and other logistic arrangement cost. 


Once you have done volunteering with us and you have found clarity on your area of passion, developed some skills and feel ready to farther you growth by taking more leadership in that area, in the community, then you could ship to Internship program. 

Our Internship program is an empowering stage of learning where you take leadership in the community, in your area of interest or expertise. This mean you dont necessary need our mentorship so much anymore. You are ready to join our Gaia Team Circle. You are very clear and highly motivated to deepen your path. You have problem solving mind. You are self motivated to do more study & research in your field, you can design or take on a project and able to complete it, you are willing to share your knowledge and expertise with others in the community. You can take care an area in the community be it related to social dimension, ecological, economic or spirituality. Joining our Internship program we ask for a contribution of 3,000 THB/month and we a commitment of two month minimum. Book Now! or Learn More!

Become a Resident 

There is an open door for those who have already gone through our learning and integrating process which are;  

Experiencing : Starting with learning and experiencing about Ecovillage and ecovillage lifestyle, Permaculture, Deep Ecology & Nature connection, our values and practices at Gaia Ashram in Ecovillage Village Lifestyle Experience Week. this will give you a grimes and decide whether or not ecovillage lifestyle is for you or if Gaia Ashram is the right place for you. 

Exploring : The stage of volunteering is a stage where you explore yourself in support of the community; who am I? What are my passion? What are my place and role in the community? How to contribute to the community and to the land. What is my part in the greater whole?

Empowering : Deepen your commitment to your path and empowering yourself by taking leadership in your field, stepping into the a leadership role where you feel comfortable this is happening in our Internship period.

Belonging :   Feeling that you belong here and that Gaia Ashram is the right place for you meaning that being here you feel a sense of meaning, connection, your basics need can be met, knowing how you could best serve life and serve the earth just by being you and do what you love to do. Contributing to the community, the project with your love for life, your knowledge and skills. And you are  committed to go through challenges together using all that guideline we practice in ecovillage lifestyle. Learn More!

How are all these sound to you? 

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