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A social enterprise that       regenerates nature

What is Gaia Essence?

Gaia Essence is a regenerative enterprise by Gaia Ashram. The aim of Gaia Essence is to regenerate health in people, communities, and ecosystems through providing natural products from organic agroforestry or forest gardening farm systems. We support local farmers to transition from chemical and mono-cropping agriculture toward a more sustainable and regenerative practices that bring back biodiversity on the land.

Food Forest at Gaia Ashram

food forest @ Gaia Ashram

Why holistic health and biodiversity?

Holistic health in our term is not only the holistic health of humans but including planetary health. Because without healthy ecosystems We humans that rely on it can not be physically, emotionally, mentally healthy. And the ecosystems that are now degrading and collapsing also need humans to heal and regenerate them. Our sense of holistic health comes from a holistic worldview that sees humans as part of nature and the web of life. We cannot approach our personal holistic health by isolating ourselves from nature. Because the fact is we are dependent on the health of nature for our own health. Therefore, Gaia Ashram and Gaia Essence aim at regenerating the health of people, communities, and nature in our business.

Food Forest Natural Products

Our Values

Love: Love of Life is one of our core values. Gaia Ashram project emerged out of love for life. The founders, Tom & Om have their hearts filled with love for life and fascinated by the earth as a huge living system, that we are part of, that generate and regenerate life through millions of years of her(his)story. That is the magic and beauty of the planet. Seeing this magic and beauty we realize we are part of it and every life made of the same magic and beauty. The couple has put their love into action to work alongside the earth to regenerate life on Gaia Ashram’s 6 hectors of land. Gaia Essence is a business under Gaia Ashram that comes out of the same root – Love of Life, Nature, Earth.

Gratitude: Coming from a deep realization that our lives depend on nature, on the earth living systems, emerges a deep sense of gratitude. Everything we need to keep us healthy and thriving as human beings comes from nature, the earth. In this deep sense of gratitude, it gives us motivation and power to give back. Gaia Ashram and Gaia Essence business promote love and gratitude for mother nature. We believe that with love and gratitude for the life we have and sustained by nature, it will keep mindful and respectful to nature and will even motivate us to be part of the regeneration.

Work That Reconnects Deep Ecology

Biodiversity: Since the industrial revolution we have lost many species on earth as sacrifices to our industrial growth. We know that the more diverse elements in an ecosystem the more resilient it is. We are now facing climate crises that also bring more loss of biodiversity. Gaia Ashram and Gaia Essence aim at bringing back biodiversity on preserve area and on farmland. We promote agroforestry and forest gardening. We work with local farmers to transition from mono-cropping agriculture toward the diversity of crops and species on farmland.

Biodiversity Gaia Ashram

How Are Our Products Produced?

We use raw materials from our organic food forest farm at Gaia Ashram and buy from local farmers who grow their crops without chemical, or from those who are in the process of transition. The crops are processed and made into products at Gaia Ashram. We sometimes work with the women group of Ban Suai Long village. We are closely linked with this village.

Roasting Lemongrass Tea Thailand

Our Products

We have been producing various products and continue to make more products based on our raw materials. Products we have in our stores include

Wholesale Prices
Wholesale Prices

Citronella Hydrosol

100% Pure Citronella Hydrosol
100 ML spray + 100 ML bottle
# 190 THB

Marigold Hydrosol 100%
100 Ml Spray + 100 Ml bottle
# 190 THB

Pure Eucalyptus Hydrosol 100%
100 Ml spray + 100 Ml bottle
# 190 THB

Mosquito repellent
100 ml spray + 275 ml refill
# 250 THB

” May all the work that Gaia Essence does benefit Mother Earth and all its Beings!”