Gaia Ashram Internship

1 September to November 20th, 2020

This three months Gaia Ashram internship is meant to deepen your knowledge and sharpen your skills with experiential learning through head, heart, hands and spirit in an ecovillage project, with focused mentorship.

About Gaia Ashram

Gaia Ashram was founded in 2013, and over the years Gaia Ashram has offered workshops, courses, trainings, Internship programs and volunteering opportunities on Ecovillage Design Education (contributinig to the Unesco’s program on Education for Sustainability) , Agroforestry, Natural Building, Permaculture & Deep Ecology . Our education programs and way of living at Gaia Ashram is based on the philosophy of holistic education which include the learning through the head, heart, hands and spirituality in a community setting.  

Gaia Ashram has over the years hosted over a thousand people from all over the world and from all walks of life. Through the hard work by those who are involved in Gaia Ashram project, the volunteers, interns and long-term community members Gaia Ashram land has completely transformed from a bare rice field that didn’t even produce a lot of rice, into a beautiful biodiverse forested landscape that harvests water and serves the biodiverse community of all beings. In the social and cultural aspects, Gaia Ashram has found a way of life that deepens our connection with the earth through the head, heart, hand and spirit.

About Gaia Ashram Internship

Gaia Ashram Internship is an opportunity for those who wants to gain more knowledge, sharpen skills and deepen their experience in the area they are passionate about in an natural environment and supportive community. Our three months internship program also welcomes those who are already quite skilled and experienced and want to use their skills & experiences to help evolving the Gaia Ashram project or to share with other people in the community.

Internship Guidelines:

The Gaia Ashram internship program will follow the practice of Experiential Learning and Project Based Learning where the learning will include:

  • Knowledge
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Feedback & Evaluation
  • Documentation
  • Presentation & Sharing

Project Based Learning: Intern will be assigned a project or area to work with the commitment to complete the project or achieve some stage of completion before end of their internship (depending on the project). A project to focus on for each intern will be decided together between the host and Intern. The discussion will start over an online meeting after intern have sent their application and accepted by Gaia Ashram. All projects should align with Gaia Ashram needs, vision and agenda and align with intern’s need for personal development.

Knowledge: Interns will be designated time to research and study relating their project, by themselves. Gaia Ashram supervisors will share their knowledge with interns as much as they can. However, interns have to do research and study by themselves under the guidance of the mentors. This is will help interns gain more knowledge beyond what they learn from their mentors.

Design: Once Gaia Ashram and intern agree on a specific project, interns will be guided to design their project and will complete with a project design document. A project design will include What(project) ,Why(we need this project) How(to do this project) Who (will implement this) When (it will start and complete step by step) What(materials needed) How much(money/resource needed).

*Note : in design process there will be discussion and feedback between intern and Gaia Ashram’s mentors to make the most realistic design according to time, space, material and resource available.

Implementation: Once the design Is agreed and set. Intern will start implement their project with support from their mentors when necessary. At some stage of the project intern might need extra support such as labor support. In this case Intern can announce in the community and ask for support. For specific technical support intern will consult with their mentors.

Feedback & Evaluation :  Intern will evaluate their project whether or not it achieved the goal they had set and whether or not what they created is functioning as they expected. Evaluation will also take place per step/stage of the project. This will be done together between intern & mentors.

Documentation:  This include documentation of project design, step by step implementation and completion of the project including how the the project help to improve any aspect of Gaia Ashram project. Documentation can be done by photograph, video, & writing. Interns are expected to make at least one writing or slideshow or video of their whole learning cycle.  Project documentation will be posted on Gaia Ashram website and shared on Gaia Ashram facebook page.

Presentation:  Intern will be trained in presentation skills and will be presenting their project idea and design to the community to keep the community aware of it. Intern will also be expected to do a presentation of their project during and after completion which can be done in many different way according to what feels appropriate and comfortable for interns.

Internship positions:

Gaia Ashram is offering the following internships positions:

  • Gardening Intern
  • Food Forest & Agroforestry intern,
  • Plant & Tree Nursery Interns
  • Natural and Farm Product Interns
  • Educational Program & Trainings Coordinator Interns
  • Social & Well Being Interns
  • Natural Building Intern
  • Landscaping Intern.

Please send us an inquiry to request for more information in any specific internship position you are interested in. Please write to us at

How this Internship Program looks like in in day to day life?

Gaia Ashram is an international community, a learning center and it is also a farm. There are  a few people who live at Gaia Ashram permanently. There are local people who are involved in the project and live in their village nearby and come to work at Gaia daily. There are those who stay for longer period such as a year minimum and and those who stay for shorter term such as six month minimum (six month interns), three month minimum (Three months interns) or volunteers from two weeks – two months.

Even though people are coming and going at different times, Gaia Ashram is able to create a sense of community among all the people who come to join us either short term stay or long term stay.

What helps us to keep the consistency and harmony while there is transient energy in and out is our routine, traditions and cultures.

Community life:

Interns are expected to be joining in community life. Interns will be joining the  general daily rotational chores such as preparing breakfast and lunch, dishes and cleaning of the communal spaces. There is a weekly Monday morning communal cleaning blitz and toolcare session to take care of collective spaces.

At any given time there are short-term volunteers staying at Gaia Ashram and for those interns that feel ready they can take volunteers to support them in their work area. Furthermore interns will share their gained knowledge & experience with volunteers through presentations and teachings as part of their skill development.

Our Daily Routine

  • 5:45-7:15         Meditation & Yoga
  • 6.00 – 7.30      Breakfast Preparation
  • 7:30 – 8.30      Breakfast
  • 8:45 – 11:30      Morning Work Session
  • 11:30-12:30     Lunch Preparation
  • 12:30-13:30     Lunch
  • 13:30-15:00      Break
  • 15:00-17:30     Afternoon Work Session
  • 18:30-1900      Sunset Meditation
  • 19:00-20:00    Diner
  • 22:00               Lights-Off

Weekly Structure

Note :  For interns, Work Session can also be research or design time.

What mentorships/guidance you will receive in this Internship?

  • Personal coaching by supervisor on project design, implementation, evaluation, documentation and presentation of the project assigned.
  • Weekly check in together as a team of interns to hear each other reflection & the support needed.
  • Monthly Feedback & Evaluation on project progress and personal growth
  • Coaching on leadership and facilitation and presentation skills

Are there any fees?

Full fee for the internship

Three Months Internship :

17,400 THB (Living Cost) + 9000 THB(Mentorship Fee)

Total Fee =  26, 400 THB

Gaia Ashram Internship Reservation Fee

Once you decide to join the three months Gaia Ashram Internship we ask you to pay reservation fee of 9000 thai baht. Before committing and making the reservation payment please make sure you have communicated with the Gaia Ashram team and make sure you have clarity of what the internship program means for you. Make the reservation payment through paypal link below or contact us through email if this is difficult for you:



Cancellations up to 60 days before your internship start date and receive a refund minus a 3000 baht cancellation fee. For cancellations within 60 days of your internship start date, there is no reservation fee refund. Gaia Ashram asks interns to pay the remaining fee by cash upon arrival at Gaia Ashram or through electronic transfer before arrival.

What privilege will I get for being an intern at Gaia Ashram?

  • Privilege to join any course provided at Gaia Ashram with half course fee discount!

Will there be an orientation?

Upon arrival you will receive on orientation of the project and will get an overview of what Gaia Ashram is about. Then there is a two week no-fault trial period during which time you will be able to get a feeling for our farm, projects, and working environment and we will get a sense for how well we work together. During this period you will follow the same routine as volunteers.

How to Apply

Send your inquiry to us at