Pracha Hutanuwatra's Legacy TRAINING

Program Date

This is an intensive residential program held at Wongsanit Ashram from February 14th – 28th 2024.

Who is Pracha Hutanuwatra?

Pracha Hutanuwatra was an engaged Buddhist activist, social critic, new paradigm leadership trainer and mentor. Pracha established the intensive Training of Trainers where participants gain skills, concepts and
attitudes to work in their local communities, appropriately identifying needs and actions with the local people towards sustainable, regenerative futures.

Our dear teacher and mentor Pracha Hutanuwatra passed away on 13 May 2023.  He has left behind a huge legacy in the many students, colleagues and friends whose livese he inspired to ‘be the change’.

“Decision making is education
Relationship is education
Self-cultivation is education”

– Pracha Hutanuwatra –

Read more about Pracha Hutanuwatra HERE and have a watch of this short video showing one of his educational programs, the Awakened Leadership Journey:

What is Pracha Hutanuwatra's Training of Trainers Legacy?

This special Legacy ToT will stay as true as possible to Pracha’s incredible teaching that he developed over decades. Every aspect of human interaction needs facilitation. 

Mindful participatory facilitation is an invaluable skill for leaders in a shifting paradigm as it is equalising and empowering rather than hierarchical and dominating. In this experiential training participants will co-create a safe space and gain ample facilitation practice in a supportive environment. 

They will deepen awareness and experience in how to teach, facilitate and train people by enabling collaboration among a community of learners. Participants will flourish in a dynamic balance of mindfulness practice and open experimentation within the design and facilitation of holistic education sessions. 

The course will inspire you to know what you are most deeply called to teach and why this kind of empowerment education is critically important for the future of life on Earth. The training will be certified by SEM College & Gaia Education. Content will be adapted and designed to meet the needs of participants drawing from the following topics. This training forms one of the requirements to become a certified Gaia Education Trainer.

What topicS OF LEARNING WILL this ToT cover?

* During the Practice Teaching topic participants will facilitate their sessions in English

* The Sustainable Development Goal topic is an optional 3 hour module for Gaia Education Certification

How about the Learning process?
Participatory, Experiential, Reflective, contemplative, Creative, INTENSIVE, PRACTICAL, ACTIVE and Transformative

Our educational approach is as important as the contents of the course, where learning, playing, working and meditating together in a community of practice, merges to foster compassion, intellectual understanding and social commitment. Three pillars support the approach:

Meet the Program facilitator Team

Jane Rasbash is a prominent figure in the field of education for sustainable development, with a focus on empowerment and engaged spirituality. Jane co-facilitated ToTs with Pracha Hutanuwatr for over 15 years.  This work has been instrumental in promoting participatory facilitation across Asia and internationally. Based in Findhorn Ecovillage, Scotland, Jane’s expertise in Ecovillage Design Education (EDE)and Grassroots Leadership Training has left an indelible mark in Myanmar, Thailand, and Bangladesh. Jane is also passionate about Nature connection and the Work that Reconnects. 

Jane served as a Board member of Gaia Education for 10 years and is currently a Board member of Ecovillage Transition Asia, demonstrating her commitment to fostering positive change. As the main guide for ‘Mindful Facilitation for Empowerment,’ she brings her wealth of experience to empower participants in their journey towards sustainability and positive transformation.

Waraporn Luangmanee is a community worker using participatory approaches to empower local communities. She is also experienced in leadership and empowerment training for community and organisation leaders. She is also Director of Young Awakening Institute. Waraporn has co-facilitated Training of Trainers with Pracha for decades. 

Sunisa Jamwiset Deiters : lived and worked as a facilitator at Wongsanit Ashram, a socially engaged spiritual community for about 8 years, and later at Panya Permaculture project in Thailand. She helped create the Next Generation of Global Ecovillage Network of Asia & Oceania (NextGENOA). 

She founded Gaia Ashram with her partner, Tom Deiters, in 2013. Since 2010 She has been facilitating and co-facilitating courses and programs related to Deep Ecology, Ecovillage Design Education and Permaculture. 

Petra Carman, PhD, is a dedicated facilitator and independent researcher in social, community, and environmental psychology. Her journey is marked by a deep exploration of human-nature relationships, including immersive experiences in ecovillages, as well as active involvement with Awakening Leadership Training—a collaborative program between the International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB) and Spirit in Education Movement (SEM) for the past 5 years.

Petra’s profound connection to engaged spirituality and various mindfulness and meditation practices fuels her passion for alternative education and empowerment-focused processes. In her role as a facilitator, Petra emphasizes holistic and embodied approaches to knowledge, guiding participants in their own transformational learning journeys, nurturing mindfulness, empowerment, and personal growth.

Daniel studied under Pracha over 8 years ago, drawn to learn his unique approach that weaves together the pedagogy of Paulo Freire, the Qaker tradition and socially engaged buddhism. He has been a passionate practitioner and advocate for experiential and participatory learning ever since. Daniel facilitates teacher training and adult learning programs such as a UK government funded program that builds the capaciy of teachers and schools to integrate nature-based experiential learning into their curriculum. He is a certified Gaia Education trainer of trainers in Education for Sustainable Development, World Peace Game Masterclass Facilitator, a Forest School leader, a facilitator of the Elos methodology in community development and a community garden practitioner using principles of permaculture and natural farming. Daniel graduated from Edinburgh University with a BSc in Biological Sciences with honors in Evolutionary Biology.
Who Would benefit from this Training of Trainers program?
  • Those who are looking for personal empowerment and leadership training
  • Teachers and facilitators who are interested in participatory and empowering methods of delivering content
  • Facilitators who are looking for methods to draw collective wisdom from group learning processes
  • Community workers
  • Ecovillagers who are looking for facilitation skills that help to build a community
Program Venue

This program is not held at Gaia Ashram but at Wongsanit Ashram, Rangsit, Klong 15, Nakorn Nayok Province. Wongsanit Ashram is our partner organization.

Wongsanit Ashram was founded in 1984 by social activist Sulak Sivaraksa and colleagues, as a spiritual activist community devoted to developing and promoting a model of sustainable living that is grounded in engaged spirituality, cultural diversity and environmental integrity.

Food : Wongsanit Ashram serves delicious Thai food using ingredients from the garden and local market. Vegetarian, vegan and dietary restrictions can be accommodated. 

Lodging : Thai simple style shared accommodation is included in the course fee.

Course fee
  • Full Fee

          1,250 USD 

  • Early bird ticket, Book and pay deposit before 16th November 2023 (only  5 tickets available)

         1,125 USD 

  •  Discount for NGOs (only 5 tickets available)
         1,180 USD

Food & Accommodation are included.


How to register

Step 1 : email us to check availability at gaiaschoolasia@gmail.com

Step 2 : fill out the registration HERE  

Step 3 : make a deposit payment of 200 USD to secure your spot.

After the payment we will send you confirmation email and information package for your preparation to participate in the program. 

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