Volunteering in Thailand

Volunteering at an Ecovillage and Permaculture farm in Thailand!

First of all we would like to welcome you! We are very grateful that you are taking your time to look at our website and consider volunteering with us!

Gaia Ashram is an eco learning center in the Northeast of Thailand. Gaia Ashram offers courses and workshops on Permaculture Design, Ecovillage Design, and Deep Ecology! At Gaia Ashram we aim to live in harmony with nature and all her beings

At Gaia Ashram we practice:

  • Organic Farming
  • Permaculture
  • Ecosystem Restoration
  • Reforestation of our land
  • Natural Building
  • Processing Natural Products
  • Work with local community
  • Art & creativity
  • Spirituality
  • Reconnecting with Nature
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Living in Community

Here is a little youtube video about volunteering in Thailand with Gaia Ashram:

How to volunteer at Gaia Ashram in Thailand?

Volunteers who are interested in Sustainable Living, Permaculture, Deep Ecology, Ecovillage Living, Ecosystem Restoration, Reforestation in Thailand are most welcome.

We ask all volunteers to join our ECOVILLAGE LIFESTYLE EXPERIENCE WEEK before volunteering.

Joining this introduction week will give you an introduction to Ecovillage Design, you’ll get to know our land, our areas of work, our ethics and values, and learn the basics of natural building, gardening, and introduction into Permaculture. After this introduction week you can join as a volunteer. We can find a work area together that suits you, our project, and Mother Earth.

We ask our volunteers to support us 5 to 6 hours per day. Wednesday afternoons and Sundays are off. Saturday we would have some community check-in meetings and people can offer mini workshops in the afternoon. For more info on our schedule & activities see below.

Gaia Ashram welcomes families and people with kids who want to volunteer and join the community. Families should take care of their kids themselves and Gaia Ashram will give the families the time and space to do so.

If you need more leisure time and a less structured stay please consider staying in our Eco-Farm Stay. This will give you the freedom to decide when to join or not.

If you are interested to volunteer with us, please contact us and make sure that you read through the information below to the end and read through our vision and values.

Financial Contributions

Gaia Ashram has been developed to the stage where we are now through personal financial investments by the founders, through our education services, donations, and contributions from volunteers.

The ECOVILLAGE LIFESTYLE EXPERIENCE WEEK will cost you 3,500THB. Included in this price is dorm accommodation, 3 vegetarian/vegan meals per day, yoga and meditation, as well as all sessions on Ecovillage Design, Permaculture, and Natural Building.

Ecovillage Lifestyle Experience Week:

For every additional week as a volunteer, we ask for a contribution of 300 THB per night and your support on the land for 5-6 hours a day to help to cover the cost of food, other daily living expenses (such as electricity, groceries, water, etc.) and upkeep of infrastructure as well as paying for Thai staff that is supporting the project & the volunteers.


Volunteer Rate

Note: If you want your private room it is on top of the dorm rate.

If you want to dive deeper into Permaculture, Ecovillage Design, and Holistic Living, and you are motivated, dedicated, and committed, you have the option to become an Intern. You can join as an intern after having joined the experience week & volunteering with us for three weeks.

Your contribution helps us to sustain the project, has helped build infrastructure necessary to accommodate people on the land, pay Thai staff and pass on our knowledge on how to sustain and regenerate the world.

To join as an intern you need to commit a minimum of a month after the volunteer one month period and if you commit to intern with us the contribution rate goes down.

Intern Rate:

Intern Rate

Interning (after joining the EVLW, Volunteer for an additional minimum of 3 weeks or 21 nights and commit to intern for minimum of two more months after the volunteering period)

100 baht per night (about 3000 baht per month)

As you can see the longer you stay the contribution goes down and there is also the oppurtunity to become a long-term member. Long-term members stay for free.

For more information have a look at our INTERNSHIP page.

The volunteer activities on our tropical permaculture farm in Thailand!

As mentioned above, we ask all volunteers to join our ECOVILLAGE LIFESTYLE EXPERIENCE WEEK at first to get an overview of the working areas on our land. This way you also can find out what area you like the most and how you can support us in a way that suits you and our project.

Generally we have 4 kinds of activities at Gaia Ashram:

  • Natural Building
  • Organic Gardening & Permaculture Farming
  • Ecosystem Restoration and Nature Regeneration
  • Natural Products of Gaia Essence

Working with natural cycles and patterns:

We have 3 seasons in Thailand and our activities are strongly related to the natural cycles and changes:

Rainy Season: July until October

At this time we are planting lots of trees and some water-loving veggies. There also might be some ongoing building projects going on that we will be working on.

Cool season: November until February

This is the main time for vegetable production and organic gardening but also a good time for building projects as it is dry.

Dry/Hot Season: March until June.

Generally, the hot season is a time for building and a good time for us to go to places that are not so hot.

Learn about Natural and Earthen Building at Gaia Ashram!

At the moment, we’re having 7 natural buildings on our land. We are still working on some structures, maintaining existing ones, and renovate others. We try to use as many natural materials as possible and we try to design our systems to have a very low to zero environmental impact.Some of the things you might be learning regarding natural building during your stay:

  • Making Adobe bricks!
  • Building wall
  • Natural plasters
  • Natural Paints
  • Wattle and cob
  • Earthbag building

Ecosystem Restoration & Regeneration

Our aim is to regenerate the land and help Mother Earth and all her beings to thrive. From nature’s perspective, Gaia Ashram is in the establishing phase. The land we are regenerating is 6 hectares and used to be a rice field around 7 years ago with degraded soils and pretty much nothing on it. Now, after about 6 years, we can see the land is restoring itself & transforming, pioneering species are doing their work, native trees are coming up again, and we assist nature or Gaia in its self-restorative ability. This process of assisting nature is one of the most important volunteer jobs.

You will be here to help regenerate and work on ecosystem restoration. We will be working on our agroforestry systems, organic gardens, and a lot more. By doing this, volunteers can get an understanding of what it takes to support Mother Earth in her natural restoring and healing systems, i.e. from a zero bare situation towards a thriving throbbing with life productive edible ecosystem and thereby making its contribution to the larger biosphere.

Gaia Ashram restoration regeneration

To heal nature and ourselves is what we are all about at Gaia Ashram. Gaia Ashram aims to be a place that inspires people to do the same.

Other volunteer Activities

We are also looking for people who have skills and can help in:


  • social media development
  • website development
  • marketing
  • event promotion
  • organisation

Art & creativity:

  • design and implementation of artwork such murals, mosaicking, natural sculpting etc.


  • offering yoga sessions
  • meditation session
  • other spiritual sharings

Gaia Cafe

  • serve customers
  • help in kitchen
  • make and sale natural products

Work Structure for volunteers

During the week we work in the morning together either in the garden/food forest, alley crops, ricefields, ponds, our wetland or on natural building. In the afternoon in the first two weeks you can chose from the project list and can work on that alone or in project teams.

Volunteers, guest & interns join into the chores groups that help us to organize our community life and also to take responsibility of our shared home. Volunteers cook breakfast, lunch and take care of the dishes, take care of the compost on a daily rotational basis & clean the community spaces. When you arrive this will be explained by the long-term community members. If something is not clear please do not hesitate to ask the team or any longer-term volunteers.

Daily Schedule

Our days are most of the time structured like this but can change slightly due to season, activities, ongoing courses, and the number of volunteers:

Volunteer Ecovillage Thailand

 Weekly structure



  • Monday:       Cleaning blitz/Intro week/Afternoon work session/ tour
  • Tuesday:       Regular Working Sessions
  • Wednesday: Regular Working Sessions/ Trip to Market
  • Thursday:     Regular Work Sessions/watch documentary
  • Friday:           Regular Work Session
  • Saturday:      Well -being circle, Team meetings/ Personal Study
  • Sunday:         Day-off

Practical Information:

Thai visa

We recommend volunteers to get a Thai Tourist Visa from the Thai embassy in their home country. Generally, you can get a 2 months visa which can be extended at the local immigration office in Udonthani for a month. It is also possible to get 30 days visa on arrival and cross the border to Vientiane, Laos if you want to extend your visa at the Thai Embassy there. We are relatively near Vientiane (about one hour of travel). If you intend to stay longer than 3 months at Gaia Ashram please let us know and we can give you more information.

Volunteer Insurance

We ask volunteers to get appropriate travel insurance that covers volunteering in Thailand in case of any incidents. Please check out the following insurance companies as a reference who are specialized in travelers and would cover volunteering:

+++Please be aware that in times of Covid-19 travel plans can be changing fast and we would recommend getting travel insurance that covers Covid-19 related events+++

What to bring?

  • Flashlight
  • In the cool season (November till the beginning of March) some warm clothes
  • Rainy season boots are helpful/raincoat or umbrella
  • Mosquito spray (also available in our shop)
  • Work clothes
  • If you have some projects to share bring the relevant information to share.

Covid-19 and volunteering in Thailand:

Gaia Ashram will open for volunteers from beginning November, 2021 again. Because of Covid-19 we were closed for a while. We recommend travelers to get their Covid-19 vaccine before traveling as the rate of Covid in Thailand is still high also to protect our local community. Also make sure you get a good travel health insurance that covers covid-19 hospitalization within Thailand.

Please check with your local Thai embassy/ consulate the current travel regulations regarding covid. These regulations can change quick so keep yourselves updated of the latest news. You could check the following websites:

Thailand Travel Restrictions


Regarding local travel and covid information you can ask us and we can share what we know at the time.

Local Travel information for volunteers

There are many ways to get to Gaia Ashram and for a more detailed description we would like to refer you to the following page:

Our Facilities

Our facilities are basic but very comfy. All our volunteers will stay in our recently renovated dormitory that is on the first floor of the Sala, our main community building at the heart of Gaia Ashram.

For those that want more privacy there is the Fairy House which is right next to the forest. We call it the fairy house because the little forest is wild and full of fairies and other unseen beings.

Gaia Ashram welcomes people on bicycles that are traveling the world and for people traveling with their own tents to Gaia Ashram there are available spaces to set them up. We advice not to camp out in rainy season. Please inform us beforehand if you plan to stay in your tent.

You can find more detailed information on our facilities here.


There is an internet Shop & Wi-Fi spot in the next village that is usually available everyday and can be reached by feet or bicycle. From November we also intend to provide a wifi spot at Gaia Ashram Office that can be used freely.

We recommend volunteers to get a Thai sim and get an internet package. Additional internet credit can be bought in local village or through most ATM machines. We can recommend AIS provider as they have good coverage and English customer support.


Laundry can be done at Gaia Ashram or in a machine in the village which is 40 bath.


We are asking volunteers to bring natural products such as natural soap & shampoo as the waste water goes directly into the land. We are selling our natural products GAIA ESSENCE made from the land that ranges from mosquito repellent, soap, shampoo, to herbal teas and essential oils. Part of the profit from the sell of these natural products will go into the Gaia Ashram project and eventually part of the profit will go into supporting the local community. It is our long-term aim to work more with the local community to empower them to create more & more natural products for sale and to provide an opportunity for them to earn some extra income.

Your support would be much valued to help achieve our aim in getting the wider community more green & re-localizing the economy. For those volunteers with skill or interest in learning about making natural products you are most welcome to help us.


In line with our values we try to reduce waste at Gaia Ashram. We ask volunteers to not bring waste to Gaia Ashram and during your stay at Gaia Ashram we will process our waste into eco-bricks that we can use for building project.


As volunteers you will cook meals together in shifts. If we are more than 5 volunteers staying at Gaia Ashram we usually get support to provide dinner. Please note that we cook vegetarian at Gaia Ashram and that there are always vegan options.

 ***No Alcohol or Drugs***

We ask volunteers not to drink alcohol or use drugs on the land. We ask smokers to smoke out of sight away from other Community members at a designated smokers area.

For volunteering with us please send us an email.

We’re happy to hear from you!

May all the work that we do be of benefit to all beings and mother Earth!
May Mother Earth Gaia and all her beings be happy and thriving!
May we dedicate our lives to take care of ourselves, each other, Mother Earth and all beings!