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Gaia Ashram is located in the North-East of Thailand. We are between the small cities Nong Khai & Udon Thani. Gaia Ashram is also located near Vientaine, the capital of Laos. If you are interested in visiting us you can come as a guest, volunteer or as course participant. We ask volunteers and guest to arrive on a Monday and to sent us a message in advance and we ask course participants to arrive on the day that has been set for the pick-up.

How to get to Gaia Ashram?

You could come by train, bus or airplane to Nong Khai or Udon Thani from there you need to find your way to Nam Suai which is a village on the highway #2 between Udon Thani and Nong Khai. We recommend to note the google coordinates in google maps in your phone if you have internet available and use it:

Google Maps Location & Google Maps Points Marked (on this map Gaia Ashram is point B)

(Coordinates: 17.708852, 102.837371)

If you ask for directions make sure that they repeat /(sort of pronounce Nam-Soy/ and not /Nam-Som/ as that is somewhere very different. If you are not sure about the pronunciation, you can print the following Thai writing which explains it:

นั่งรถบัสหรือรถตู้หรือรถสองแถวไปบ้านน้ำสวย กิ่งอำเภอสระใคร อยู่บน ถนนมิตรภาพ  เลยหนองสองห้องไปทางอุดรธานีประมาณสิบกิโลเมตร

From Udon Thani to Gaia Ashram:

If you travel to Gaia Ashram from trainstation or bustation #1 of Udon Thani you can take a minivan to Nongkhai and get of at Nam Suai (about 50 bath). Travelling from Udon Airport there is a shuttle minivan that goes to Nong Khai (200 bath) you ask the driver to drop you at Nam Suai. If you are traveling with the overnight bus from Chiang Mai it is best to book for Nong Khai and you can ask the busdriver to drop you at Nam Suai (see map below)

From Nong Khai to Gaia Ashram:

If you are coming from Nong Khai, you can take a minivan or bus from the busstation in Nong Khai to Udon Thani and make sure they drop you at Nam Suai (see map below). Nam Suai is on the highway number 2 towards Udon Thani from Nong Khai takes about 40 minutes to get there.You could also take a Song Taew (shared pick-up) from Nong Khai from the Q Lot Song Taew (parking place Song Taew). You would ask a tuk tuk driver for Q Lot Song Taew (or Song Taew pai Naam Suai ie. Song Taew go to Naam Suai). Ask the driver of the Song Taew, to drop you at ‘Nam Suai’ tuk tuk or police station.

From Nam Suai to Gaia Ashram:

You should be dropped at the police station in Nam Suai (see map below) and take a Tuk-Tuk for 100 THB (for one person if it is two person or more they might charge a bit more) to our village, Ban Suai Long. We are little past the village, past the temple then over the bridge of the river & we are on the right side, there is a sign that says Gaia Ashram (see map below).

Gaia Ashram MapBan Suai Long

Google Maps Location & Google Maps Points Marked (on this map Gaia Ashram is point B)

(Coordinates: 17.708852, 102.837371)

Below we will give more detailed instructions how to get to Gaia Ashram by specific mode of transportation.

By Train:

From Bangkok Hualamphong trainstation to Nong Khai:

การรถไฟแห่งประเทศไทย STATE RAILWAY OF THAILAND  
 Origin: Bangkok Hualamphong   Destination: Nong Khai
Train Number Type Bangkok
Nong Khai
1 77 Express 18:35 05:05  Train No.77 check
2 69 Express 20:00 07:45  Train No.69 check
3 133 Rapid 20:45 09:35 Train No.133 check

Please make sure you check at the train station for the times & fares as changes might be applicable. For more info & fares go to the Thai railways website:

To book a ticket online you can go to

Using this website there might be some booking costs attached. There is also the official thai railways website where you could book tickets.:

To find out more about train travel in Thailand go to:

          Bangkok-Nongkhai Sleeper Train

You can also get of at Udon Thani Train  Station, which is the stop before Nong  Khai. From there you can go to the local Udon Thani bus station which is not to far from the trainstation & take a bus/minivan to Nong Khai & ask the driver to drop you at Nam Suai. Generally good to sit in front of the minivan or bus  just to remind the driver to stop at ‘Nam Suai’.

 By Bus:

  • From Bangkok
    • Overnight “VIP” bus services leave from Bangkok Mochit bus station in the evening and take about ten hours to get here.
    • Buy your ticket somewhat in advance from the bus ticket counter at the bus station. We travel with Budsarakam bus company to ‘Nam Suai’.
  • From Chiang Mai
    • There is a direct overnight bus service from Chiang Mai to Nong Khai, please check at the Arcade bus station for all information this is a new service if it is not running then you could take an overnight bus from Chiang Mai to Udon Thani (about 600 bath for a ticket).
      • If you are coming by bus to Nong Khai you can ask the driver to drop you at ‘Nam Suai’.

To book a ticket online you can go to the following website:

There might be some booking costs attached to this website

By Air:

There are many flights a day from Suvarnabhumi, Don Mueang Bangkok, Chiang Mai to Udon Thani.  At present Thai, Air Asia, and Nok Air are extremely cheap. Tickets for all carriers can be booked online, while prices are variable depending on when you book. From Udon Thani airport you can take a minivan to Nongkhai and you ask the driver to drop you at ‘Nam Suai’ (make sure they understand which place you mean!). Please read the above to make sure. Be aware that traveling by airplane will increase you CO2 emissions.

If you need any more information feel free to contact us!

   We wish you good journey and looking forward to seeing you soon at Gaia Ashram!