Natural Building Course 18th November – 9th December 2018

“Architecture is the manifestation of human beings attempting to communicate with their environment.”

This 2 week  Natural Building course will be held from the 7th of January until the 21st of January, 2018 at Gaia Ashram in Thailand. This course is designed to give you:

  •  Theoretical & Hands on experience in natural building
  •  Introduction to Ecovillage Design & Community Living

This workshop is ideal for those that are interested in building their own earthen home, for those interested in learning a variety of natural building techniques & for those that are looking to live a sustainable lifestyle. Throughout the 2 weeks we will have theoretical sessions and practical hands-on experience in natural building. We hope that participants go away from this course understanding the basics of natural building and will feel empowered to try and learn more.

Natural Building

Natural building is all about reconnecting with our ancestral roots and our natural environment. Building beautiful, durable, healthy and spiritually uplifting buildings as well as building nurturing relationships with people and the planet along the way. You will be involved in lots of hands on work on the Gaia Ashram project during this 2 week program. Our aim is that participants will leave motivated, empowered & with plenty of practical experience.

Gaia Ashram

Gaia Ashram aims to be a place where we, humans, live in harmony with nature with awareness, understanding, love and respect to nature. We believe that we are not separate from nature and that all beings have intrinsic value. Through our living at Gaia Ashram and our educational programs we aim to deepen our connection to nature as well as encouraging other to seek for a lifestyle that is in harmony with nature.


Gaia Ashram

We have two main projects that we will be working on during this time;

The main project is working on the Gaia Ashram Sala, which is our main community space at Gaia Ashram. We will be building walls with adobe bricks, making mortar, plastering & natural paints all made with local material.


Gaia Ashram Sala

The other main project is to work on the magical Fairy House (little guesthouse). Creating walls with wattle & cob. We will harvest bamboo to create a bamboo structure that we will will fill in with wattle and cob. Wattle and cob is a highly versatile technique, it allows us to be creative and efficient on the job while super accessible to even the most inexperienced builders. It’s fun, forgiving and a great material to practice and play with.


Fairy House

We will also focus on building maintenance – finishing plasters, paints and repair work. You will learn how to look after an earth building and play around with decoration and aesthetics.

Ecovillage Design & Community Living

Gaia Ashram has since its inception been involved in the Global Ecovillage Network and has been actively promoting the values of the Ecovillage Movement. A lot of the educational programs at Gaia Ashram are inspired by Gaia Eduction and based on Ecovillage Design. So as an addition we will have an introduction in Ecovillage Design & Community Living. What is Ecovillage Design and why is it needed in this today? We will look at the Ecovillage Mandala and will get a basic understanding of the four dimensions i.e. social, ecological, worldview and economic.


Ecovillage Design

As Gaia Ashram is a community we will involve all members of the community in the daily activities that keep a community rolling, from cooking and cleaning, to doing the basic chores, doing some gardening and participants are welcome to join yoga and meditation. We value the opportunity to share what skills we have and to learn from everyone present. We also know the importance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle, and we encourage each person to join us in the activities which keep our own human systems in balance. During this 2 week course, we will enjoy a healthy and balanced vegetarian diet, intellectual stimulation, plenty of physical movement, and time each evening to socialize, play music or take time for one’s self. The schedule for each day includes a morning work session, followed by lunch and a mid-day siesta and an afternoon work session. There will be a day of rest in the middle of the course to allow everyone to reload the batteries for the second part.

Three delicious vegetarian meals will be provided with as much organic produce supplied from our gardens as possible. The evenings are an opportunity for us to socialize, watch a video or squeeze in another lesson or “skill share” activity.

Through observation, experimentation and sensory research, we propose to co-create in an inspiring place, learning, working and sharing with one another.

This 2 week course will be an inspiring opportunity to develop your own creativity, in synergy with the group.

We welcome people from all walks of life: The more diversity the better!

And the Gaia Ashram Community Members will support & also will share some of their knowledge and skills…

Main Facilitator:


Geoffroy Godeau is from Belgium where he graduated in landscape architecture. He discovered permaculture in Nicaragua, while traveling the world. He has been living on and off at the Panya Project for the last 10 years, learning, experimenting and teaching mainly about natural building and perenial food solutions. He has been working and teaching on natural building projects in Belgium as the manager of «Roots Culture»(registered non profit). Roots culture has been also investigating and practicing permaculture techniques in landscaping projects through the management of a plant nursery for PE Ferrard SPRL. He is also part of “brin de paille” the French speaking permaculture network in Europe.

Supportive Facilitator:


Om Sunisa Jamwiset is one of the founders of Gaia Ashram & Gaia School Asia. Lived and worked at Wongsanit Ashram in Thailand for 8 years. Wongsanit Ashram is a intentional community for simple living and for engaging in social action and spiritual practice founded by  socially engaged buddhist activist Sulak Sivaraksa . Here she was trained as and started working as a facilitator. After that she spent one year living and working at the Panya project which is a permaculture based community in Thailand. Involved in NextGEN (Next Generation of the Global Ecovillage Network) as the current representative of NextGEN Oceania and Asia.  She teaches and facilitates courses such as Ecovillage Design Education (part of Gaia Education), Socially Engaged Buddhism/Spirituality and Training of Trainers. She has facilitated courses for NGO workers, young Buddhists activists, international students, children and teachers. She uses participatory teaching methods and her focus is on deep ecology and nature connection.

And the Gaia Ashram Community Members will support & also will share some of their knowledge and skills…

Facilities: Interns should not expect much comfort as we are still an emerging project and a lot of infrastructure is in development. Basic facilities and needs will be provided for.


Gaia Ashram Sala

Accommodation: Dormitory, second floor of the Gaia Sala. There are some private rooms available for an extra 250 bath per day. Book soon as they get filled fast.



Common Space for sessions: Indoor sessions will be held at the first floor of Gaia Sala, other session will be held underneath big trees and practical session will be happening on the land.

Toilet and Shower: Compost toilets are at the most basic form i.e. buckets and seperate shower for men and women.

Internet: Internet Shop is nearby in the next village and is usually available everyday. We will provide a trip to internet on Sunday.

Food: There will be a local cooking team cooking delicious vegetarian Isaan & Thai food for us. There will be opportunity to cook in the weekend.


Fundraise for Your Tuition:

If you are interested in a creative way to come up with funds for this course, look into fundraising for it through It is a great way to reach out to your family and friends, let them know what you are up to and give them a easy way to contribute to your education.  Don’t let a lack of resources stop you from obtaining this important information!

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How to Register:

 REGISTER NOW! We expect this course to fill, so get your spot locked in. Community is very important to us, so class size will be limited.

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