Who we are

“With  love, respect and gratitude for nature in our hearts, with joy and care, with the concerns we have for the consequences of our  lifestyles to nature and all beings, with the willingness to share and bring awareness to friends, families and others and to deepen the love, respect and connection to nature among the children and youth, we founded Gaia School Asia and dedicate our work to nature, all beings and the future generations of the planet.”

About the founders:

Om2Sunisa Jamwiset lived and worked at Wongsanit Ashram in Thailand for 8 years. Wongsanit Ashram is a intentional community for simple living and for engaging in social action and spiritual practice. Here she was trained as and started working as a facilitator. After that she spent one year living and working at the Panya project which is a permaculture based community in Thailand. Here she got the chance to interact with nature more deeply in everyday living.

She is involved in NextGEN (Next Generation of the Global Ecovillage Network) and is representing NextGen Thailand. She is the current Thai representative of the Global Ecovillage Network of Oceania and Asia.  She teaches and facilitates courses such as Ecovillage Design Education (part of  Gaia Education), Socially Engaged Buddhism/Spirituality and Training of Trainers. She has facilitated courses for NGO workers, young Buddhists activists, international students and children. She uses participatory teaching methods and her focus is on deep ecology and nature connection. She also is a dancer and likes to bring in dance, music and play in her teaching sessions.

P1270251 Tom Deiters has a sensitivity to nature and spent a lot of time in nature. This sensitivity let to a deep commitment to help nature in its healing process. In his role as documentary maker he has used the medium of film as a teaching tool to raise awareness about environmental problems that we are facing in our world and the harm we are doing to nature and to make his films he collaborated with local NGOs and activists.  Tom first got into contact with the Global Ecovillage Network when he did a course on Ecovillage Design at Findhorn in 2007. Tom spent the last several years working with nature by working on organic and permaculture farms throughout Europe.  In gardening Tom uses ecological principles and intuition.
The other part of the solution in his view is education and sensitizing youth to the importance of taking care of nature, as they are the future caretakers of our planet earth.  Through his work with Gaia School Asia and NextGEN, Tom has taught in many schools and held workshops for youth in many Asian countries about local environmental problems and the need to come up with solutions. Tom has the willingness and commitment to give it his all to bring awareness about nature and taking care of nature to the youth of Asia.

May all beings be happy

May all beings be safe

May all beings be peaceful

May all being be healthy

May all beings take care of themselves happily

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