The Journey to the Himalaya’s

In 2013 we of Gaia School Asia journeyed from Sri Lanka to India to the Himalaya’s and on our way we taught at schools about climate change and about the importance of taking care of nature.


In Punjab, we met with Kawaljeet Dhindsa, a principal and journalist and with other contacts to arrange our program there. We taught about 2500 children at different schools about taking care of nature and visited 12 schools in 12 days. We taught the kids about Climate Change and global warming and the importance of trees to cool the planet. At the end of each session we would plant trees with the children and we also gave trees for the kids to take home. In this way we planted over a 1000 trees in Punjab.

Ladakh, Nubra Valley

Through SEBoL (Socially Engaged Buddhist of Ladakh) we were able to connect to a school in Ladakh. We passed over the highest motorable road to get to Lamdon Model School in Disket, Nubra, Ladakh. a remote school in the Himalayas. We met with the young principal Anchok, who is very supportive and we gave a teacher training to the teacher. During the teacher training we reflected with the teachers on our present education system and introduced the concept of total awareness through education through the mind, heart and hands. We also worked with the children and cleaned Disket of Rubbish, seperated waste and create artworks with rubbish which are now part of a school exhibition on garbage.


Around Bangalore in Hosur, Gaia School Asia teamed up with Siddharth Village School and we were able to go to two others schools, Shemford and Vanaprastha International School. At the schools we teach about Climate Change and the importance that we need to take care of nature. We try to teach holistically and in a participatory way. We try to combine the use of the head, heart and hands. We also do many games and try to have fun in the learning process.