About Gaia Ashram


We have a dream and belief that human beings will learn to live in harmony with nature, learn to see that all beings are part of one big family, sharing the same home and that all beings have their roles to play in maintaining and sustaining– the web of life. Therefore, all beings deserve respect. Gaia Ashram aims to be a place where we live holistically, practice and realize the interconnectedness and the oneness of all living and non-living beings. 

Gaia Ashram Currently:

Gaia Ashram is a small international community living project based on 6-hectares of land which is being developed using deep ecologypermaculture and ecovillage design principles in the North-East of Thailand.

At Gaia Ashram we experience community living and we aim to live holistically using the Ecovillage and Permaculture values as our guideline. At Gaia Ashram we generally have between 6 to 10 long term community members living at the project.  These community members are helping to hold the space of our daily life and structures. Many of the community members are in training to become facilitators and we work on educating ourselves and sharing our knowledge with each other in order for us as individuals and for the Gaia Ashram project to grow. At Gaia Ashram we work together to learn and practice regenerating the land using agroforestry, organic farming, natural farming, regenerative agriculture and permaculture techniques. We aim to grow a lot of our own food and live as sustainably as possible.  We also are learning how to do natural building and are looking into alternative energy.

At Gaia Ashram volunteers and guests come and live with us for a shorter period or a longer period up to months. Often we will be between 10 and 25 people at Gaia Ashram including volunteers & guests. The volunteers and guests join us in our day to day routines and together we learn how we can take care of the Earth and in the process how can we take care of ourselves and each other.

Gaia Ashram is an alternative education centre where we host international and local courses, activities and workshops on Nature Connection, Sustainable Living, Permaculture & Ecovillage Design for for Thai and international people.

Gaia Ashram also serves as one of the base of young Asian activist NextGENOA (the next generation of the Global Ecovillage Network in Oceania and Asia). We aim to be a hub where young Asians will come and gather have fun and learn together how we can take care of the Earth and Gaia Ashram hopes to spread seeds of hope and positive action throughout Asia.

Gaia Ashram also intends to be the base of Gaia School Asia as we have an interest in working with children & youth. As we feel it is important to work with the future generations. For this purpose Gaia Ashram aims to serve as an educational playground where children can experience being in nature and learn about natural building, growing your own food and other sustainable living practices.