Eco-Farm Stay Thailand

Are you looking for a place in nature to relax and (re)connect? We’re happy to have you at our eco-farm stay here in Gaia Ashram in Thailand! Stay in our beautiful naturally built guesthouse that is peacefully nestled in a magical bamboo forest. On our 6 hectares of land, you’ll find places to relax, to connect, and experience an ecovillage lifestyle.

Gaia Ashram welcomes people on bicycles that are traveling the world and for people traveling with their own tents to Gaia Ashram, there are available spaces to set them up. We advise not to camp out in the rainy season. Please inform us beforehand if you plan to stay in your tent.

your eco-farm stay vacation in Thailand

Gaia Ashram Eco-Farm stay is much more than a farm stay. We are an organic permaculture farm, an ecovillage, a nature regeneration project, a community of all beings! We are a place to (re)connect with Mother Earth.

Staying on our farm stay gives you a lot of opportunities to experience the Ecovillage Lifestyle at your own pace. Start your morning with yoga, stroll around our food forest, take a dip in one of our natural swimming pools, relax in our GAIA CAFE, and join the community for meditation and healthy vegetarian/vegan meals.

If you want to learn more about our way of living in harmony with the land you are more than welcome to join us in our daily hands-on activities such as gardening, farming, natural building, or the making of our natural products GAIA ESSENCE.

Do you want to dive deeper into Ecovillage Design? Our ECOVILLAGE LIFESTYLE EXPERIENCE WEEK might be just right for you!

our natural building guesthouse

As our Guesthouse is located right on the edge of a beautiful magical bamboo forest we all it the Fairy House. Currently we have 3 spacious rooms with a private balcony on the upper floor available for farm stay guests and two single rooms at the bottom floor. We also have dorm hostel stay in the Gaia Ashram Sala.

All rooms share a shower and toilet block right in front of the Fairy House and near to the Gaia Ashram Sala.

More about our facilities can be found HERE.

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    Fairy House

Our Farm stay rates:

The rates include yoga and meditation session and any evening session that might be happening at the time. The room rate does not include meals. For meals you can enjoy our delicious food from our menu at Gaia Cafe/Restaurant prepared by one of our cooks. All our meals are vegetarian and/or vegan. 

If you want to be more immersed in the community you are welcome to join the hands-on activities of our ECOVILLAGE LIFESTYLE EXPERIENCE WEEK. Also for longer stays we recommend joining this week first.

Our farm and learning center Gaia Ashram

Our 6 hectares of land and our project Gaia Ashram are developed using deep ecology, permaculture, and ecovillage design principles. We have the dream and the strong belief that human beings will live in harmony with nature, that we see that all beings are part of one big family, sharing the same home and that all beings have their roles to play in maintaining and sustaining the web of life.

We aim to be a place where we can live holistically, practice and realize the interconnectedness and the oneness of all living and non-living beings. 

You’re curious about our story? Read more about us here.


Our farm stay is located on a peaceful and idyllic land in the Northeast of Thailand, in between Nong Khai and Udon Thani. Where exactly we are and how you can get to us can be found here.

 *** No Alcohol or Drugs * * * 

Please be aware that we don’t allow alcohol or drugs on the land. We ask smokers to smoke out of sight away from other community members at a designated smoking area.

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us.

We’re happy to hear from you!