Worm farming for better soil fertility at Gaia Ashram

Three weeks after we moved our worms closer to the kitchen and refurbished the houses, it is time to get a daily routine established.


Now we have 5 cabins full of worms. All ready to eat our kitchen waste and produce beautiful vermicompost. We decided the following routine to keep our red wigglers happy.

Every day one tray will be filled with our daily vegetable scraps. On Monday and everyday needed we will water the worms so we are able to sustain the perfect level of moisture. That are Gaia Ashram’s 5 steps to keep our worms happy and producing rich vermicompost:


  1. We are digging a little tranche or whole and fill the vegetable scraps.
  2. Afterwards we cover it, to reduce smell, ants and flies.
  3. We are adding wet paper on a regular basis to keep the worms happy.
  4. Form there one the worms take over and eat and convert the vegetables to a rich and dark soil.
  5. Every now and then we take the soil out and use it for seedlings or to create fertile pockets within our garden beds.

Worm composting or vermicomposting is a great way to reuse your vegetable scrubs. Worms are eating your kitchen waste and turn it into vermicompost that is rich in nutrients and full of microorganisms. This super compost helps you to create and maintain healthy soil, give nutrients back and support your vegetable production.

As part of Gaia Ashrams regular educational event series “Garden stories” Lars was summing up the main take aways about worm compost. This article covers the main benefits of worm composting and how to set up a worm farm in an easy way. Read the full article here and figure out How to nourish your soil using the recycling power of worm composting?

The article has been first published at www.flowful.org a platform that aims to motivate people to move beyond sustainability. On flowful.org Karla & Lars are sharing about their journey beyond sustainability, their experiences in living a community life at Gaia Ashram and portraying change makers and pioneer projects from around the world. All with the vision to empower as many people as possible to start their own journey beyond sustainability and contribute to that grassroots movement powered change.