Support Us

Gaia Ashram learning center is constantly improving and transforming. At this stage, we will need financial support until we could reach the point of sustainability and 100% self reliance.

You can chose to support us as a scholarship in the particular workshop for individual with financial need or support Gaia Ashram operations in general.

Funds can be transferred by using international banking transfers.


Account Name of Receiver:           Sunisa Jamwiset     

Accountnumber:                             171-2-64-450-4                                                        

Swiftcode:                                        KASITHBK

Bank adress:

Street: 929 Michai

Subdistrict: Naimuang

District: Muang

Town: Nong Khai

Zipcode: 43000


Outside Asia

Account Name of Receiver:             T.S.P.I Deiters

Accountnumber:                               NL57 TRIO 2000 3136 12  (IBAN number)

Swiftcode:                                         TRIONL2U 

Bank Adress:

Street: Utrechtseweg 44

Zipcode: 3704 HD          

Town: Zeist


“May all beings be happy”