Gaia Ashram is excited to invite you on a unique learning experience designed to empower you to reclaim your food freedom by learning to grow your own organic food.

This workshop will be focusing on Organic gardening, teaching you the fundamental techniques and knowledge to get you started with growing quality, fresh, organic vegetables all year round. From the urban balcony to the rural farm this workshop will teach you how to grow more veg in less space than you ever imagined to be possible! Maximizing your available space and producing an abundance of nutritious and delicious vegetables, herbs and fruit.

The  Permaculture design strategies will also be introduced to give you an inspiring insight into how Permaculture can re-shape your thinking, future and our gardens.

Note: this course will be held in English only

What to expect from the workshop?

This course is a hands-on course and you will gain first-hand experience of techniques during practical sessions. During this time of the year there are many different tasks that need to be completed to ensure that Gaia Ashram has an abundance of fresh organic produce during the growing season and these tasks will form the basis of our experiential learning.

These practical sessions will be supplemented by theory and question and answer sessions in the classroom.

Key topics in the workshop will include:

Soil Building & Remediation

Discover the secrets behind making awesome compost and other soil amendments. Learn how to apply green manuring techniques, crop rotation and soil food web technologies to help keep your garden healthy and fertile.

Plant propagation

Develop your green fingers by learning different techniques on how to grow your own plants. Gain a deeper understanding and the practical skills to be able to: Save your own seeds, propagate seed, take cuttings, layering and air layering, division and grafting.

Organic Pioneering

Learn about “No dig” & “Biointensive” gardening techniques, which can help you to pioneer extraordinarily healthy and productive gardens, even if you’re starting from damaged land or an overgrown neglected plot!

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

The ecological garden aims to host a diverse range of plants and animals, mimicking a natural ecosystem in order to provide services such as pest control & pollination. Learn how to create habitats which attract the beneficial beings. Identify the root causes of potential disease and pest problems in order to create a harmoniously integrated edible ecosystem.

Garden Planning

Apply the science of Permaculture design in order to map, plan and arrange all the elements of your garden to maximise efficiency and productivity. Regardless of the size of your garden permaculture design can help you to get the most out of it in terms of; production, energy efficiency, economy and enjoyment.

Food forestry

How to mimic natural forest systems to create an abundance of food, fiber and fodder. Explore the art of designing and creating edible landscapes which not only provide an abundance of food but also require less and less maintenance over time.

Credit: Lola Byron

Meet the facilitator

Ben Murray is an Ecological designer, consultant, and teacher with a background in organic and biodynamic gardening/agriculture, natural building, horticulture and
landscape architecture.

Ben is the founder of Holistic Regeneration, has 25 years of experience in the realm of Horticulture and has been consulting, practicing and teaching permaculture, organic gardening and natural building for more than 15 years in England, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Kenya and India and is currently working as an itinerant trainer of transformational and empowering workshops and courses.


November 6th – 10th, 2023

Course fee

7,900 THB
(food & accommodation included)

7,000 THB
(when book & pay before the 10th of October)

Food & Accommodation

Included in the fee is accommodation in our dormitory,
3 vegetarian/vegan meals per day, tea breaks, as well as yoga and meditation.

We also have private accommodation available that can be booked for an additional fee.

  • Accommodation: Dormitory, hostel style. Mosquito nets, cushions, bedding, and blankets are provided.
  • Single rooms, for one guest, 1,000 THB for course duration (4 nights) an extra fee.
  • Double room, 2 guests 1,400 THB for course duration (4 nights).
  • Family house, 4-5 guests or family 4,000 THB for course duration.Please choose your preferred accommodation in the registration form.

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How to register?

Click here to fill the registration form and make the payment to secure your spot (instruction in the registration form).


If Gaia Ashram cancel the program, we will fully refund you.

If you cancel your attendance at least 45 days prior to the course starting date, we will fully refund the course fee.

If you cancel your attendance at least 30 days prior to the course starting date, we will refund 70% of the course fee.

If you cancel your attendance at least 15 days prior to the course starting date, we refund 50% of the course

If you cancel your attendance less than 14 days before the course starting date there will be no refund of the course fee.