Dance with Gaia: Process Your Community | 16-18 December, 2023

Dance with Gaia: Process Your Community

16-18 December, 2023

Dance with Gaia: Process Your Community will focus on the wisdom of Arnold Mindell, the founder of Process Work or Process-oriented psychology. Process Work uses awareness to track psychological and physical processes that illuminate and possibly resolve inner, relationship, community and world issues.

To track and follow the processes mean to follow the nature, by following the visible and subtle signals coming from people and events. This means respecting individuals, groups, and the environment, exploring reality and also the dream and essence levels of events. By doing this we often gain more understanding and get surprising temporary solutions as well. 


  • 3 levels of experiences
  • Rank awareness
  • The structure of process
  • Concept of edge
  • Inner work
  • 4 phases in group process

Apart from the above, Dance with Gaia: Process Your Community will take participants to learn: 

  • how to use Processwork as a methodology to work on personal issues and help supporting other to work with his/her issues
  • how to approach and facilitate conflict and how to listen and embrace all voices
  • how to deal with differences and diversity to enrich individual and group potential
  • for those who are interested in facilitation skills to work in dyads or triads and hopefully, to have opportunity to do group work.


tentative Schedule

Day 1 Welcoming (Notice the field, atmosphere, diversity) 3 levels of reality, Inner work: Recreate Your World, and Rank awareness 
Day 2 Inner Work: Life myth, Edges Exercise: Body movement, and Amplification Exercise: Disturbing energy X Group process 
Day 3 Inner work: Power spot, Relationship work (rank dynamics) Practicing: Group process, and Eldership


Natha Dannonthadharm A gardener, 55 years old, living in a mud-house farm called Garden of Tranquility, Ratchaburi, Thailand. He is also a highly skilled and experienced facilitator and trainer in contemplative learning practices, focusing on meditation, Processwork, transformative education, dialogue, teambuilding, art and Co-active Coaching. His work is rooted in experience as an ordained Buddhist monk in the tradition of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu for over 10 years. He has been working in Myanmar with grassroot leaders since 2005. Since 2013, he is more interested in political conflict both in Thai context and neighbouring countries i.e. Myanmar, Cambodia, Loas. And try to apply psychological aspects from religious view, Processwork and traditional spirituality into training context. In 2022, he translated Sitting In the Fire, written by Arnold Mindell to Thai version (นั่งกลางไฟ). 
Chanchai Chaisukkosol A co-founder of CoJOY Consulting, an organization aiming to help people reach peace in their lives and encourage communities and organizations to evolve into living organizations. His specializations are conflict transformation, collaborative decision-making, communication across differences, and transformational coaching. Chanchai shifted from a student of computer engineering to researcher in peace studies and hate speech, and conflict transformation practitioner. He has for more than 18 years worked both in public and social conflict (e.g. ethno-religious conflict in the southern provinces of Thailand and in Myanmar as well as the Thai political conflict, etc.) and organizational conflict (top executives, managers, cross-levels and cross-departments). Recently, he co-translated into Thai a paradigm-shifting book in the field of organizational development and management entitled, “Reinventing Organizations” (กําเนิดองค์กรสายพันธุ์ใหม่).
Perry Meesad Born in 1996, Sun Sign: Taurus Asc Sign: Sagittarius Book Author / LGBT+ Advocate / Learning Designer / TH Language Tutor / Empathy Facilitator / Holistic Wellness Business / Compassionate Humble Learner Transgender, Non-Binary, Queer Literature Artvocate of the LGBT+ Community An Integration of Process Work “Follow the Process, Trust The Universe”. Life Mission: Manifesting Eco-Holistic Living Lifestyle that Suits Spirit-Matter Balance 

Course fee

 7,900 THB (food & dormitory-styled accommodation included) 

Early Bird Price

7,500 THB  (when book before the end of October)
(food and dormitory-styled accommodation included) 

Join two program at Gaia Ashram in December for a special price

9-Day/ 2-Program Package 10-18 December, 2023 

Special price: 11,000 THB (food & accom. included.) 


Included in the fee is accommodation in our dormitory,
3 vegetarian/vegan meals per day, tea breaks, as well as yoga and meditation. 

We also have private accommodation available that can be booked for an additional fee.

  • Accommodation: Dormitory, hostel style. Mosquito nets, cushions, bedding, and blankets are provided.
  • Single rooms, for 1 guest, 750 THB for course duration (3 nights).
  • Double room, 2 guests 1,050 THB for course duration (3 nights).
  • Family house, 4-5 guests or family 3,000 THB for course duration (3 nights).

    Please choose your preferred accommodation in the registration form.

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