Help Gaia Ashram to Rebuild Their sala!

About Gaia Ashram:

Motivated by the realisation of climate change and other ecological crises, Tom Deiters and Om Sunisa Jamwiset Deiters were committed to ufind and demonstrate a solution and founded Gaia Ashram.

Gaia Ashram is an Eco-learning center and a Permaculture farm based on 6.5 hectares of land, in the North-East of Thailand. Gaia Ashram has been hosting over 1000 students, interns, volunteers and guests from around the world.

In 2013 Gaia Ashram project was initiated on bare degraded land in Om’s home town. Gaia Ashram uses Ecovillage Design, Permaculture and Deep Ecology  guidelines to reach its goal.

Regionally Gaia Ashram has been networking and collaborating closely with the Global Ecovillage Network of Oceania and Asia (GENOA) to work on creating a more sustainable future in the Asian region.

Locally with its founders, residents, volunteers, interns, we have been working hard to physically restore nature and its biodiversity and ecosystems.

Challenge of Covid 19: 


Because of Covid 19 pandemic Gaia Ashram, like many other projects, is facing a financial crisis. A lot of our income was coming from courses, internships and guests that would stay at Gaia Ashram. Because of the travel restrictions we hardly get any visitors/guests these days.


Added to the loss of income we have a big issue with our main building – The Sala-. The Sala is the main building of Gaia Ashram learning center and also the dormitory. The sala has been occupied by termites and they are eating up our wooden structure, wooden walls and floor especially in our dormitory area. 

Because of this we are forced to do a big renovation of the Sala before termites will have eaten up all of the wood and the whole building collapses. We need your help to cover the costs of this big project.


What to do to rebuild the sala?

Phase 1  Remove Wood


Remove all the wooden floor, walls and structure and sort it. The ones that are eaten will be used to make biochar and the ones that are still good to be treated and stored for reuse in future projects. 


Phase 2  Foundations

Replace wooden footing foundation with cement footers to prevent termites coming from the ground.


Phase 3 Rebuild Structure

Replace the wooden structure, floor and wall with metal, cement fibre cement boards.


Phase 4 Rebuild Dormitory


 Build 24 bunk beds, sitting area, and shelving area in the dormitory (upper floor of the sala) 


Phase 5 Ground floor finish floor

 Putting tiles on the ground floor to help prevent termites going up and finishing the library/office area


Phase 6 Painting and finishing

Repaint the earthen walls on the ground floor and other finishing work such laying electricity for fans and lights. Putting roofing insulation material.

Design of the new dormitory:

In collaboration with our friend and architect Trung from Vietnam we came up with a design for the main dormitory space. Here are some images of the design:

What are the benefits of this project?

The Sala building is the main social common building of Gaia Ashram. The ground floor of the building has been used as classroom, seminar and meeting room, yoga and meditation space, dining space, social space. The upper floor of the sala is used as dormitory for volunteers, interns and courses participants. This building is the heart of our community and the learning center. This space has been build with our own hands and has hosted more then a thousand people.

The sala is a multiple functional building that enable us to serve as a eco learning center in all seasons. This building project will also provide employment for some our local villagers in these dificult covid times thereby enabling them to support their families.

Your donation is vital

We aim to raise 550000 Thai Baht or about 15177 euro for the rebuild the sala project. In the table below their is the estimate of the total costs of the sala building project.
For those that want to join any future courses your donation can be subtracted from the course fee up to half of the fees if you decide to do so. Please email us if you want to make use of this opportunity:
Please support us now. Your contribution matters a lot and will help us to make Gaia Ashram into thriving learning center!

How to donate?

You can donate through the paypal button below.

The minimum donation is 500 baht  (about 14 euro or 17 dollar) if you want to give more just press the arrow key and increments of 500 baht will be added. So if you press 3 it will be 3x 500 baht= 1500 bath.


Press on the pay with paypal button.


Press the appropriate creditcard logo on the button.

Bankaccount transfer:

We have both a European bank account or a Thai Bank account to receive donations. For a bank account transfer please email us and let us know your bank account preference. We will email you the details of our account number:

Charitable donations

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