One day Eco-Farm Visit

Join us at Gaia Ashram on our one day Eco-Farm Visit!

Explore the Eco-Farm, learn about Natural Building, Regenerative Farming, Permaculture and how to make Natural Products.

Ecosystem Restoration and Agro-Ecology

Gaia Ashram is based on 6 hectares of land in between Nongkhai & Udonthani in the North-East of Thailand. Since 2012 we have been generating the land from a degraded landscape into a thriving abundant little forest.

 Education on Sustainable Living

From 2014 onwards Gaia Ashram has been providing educational programs for Sustainable Living to International and Thai groups. Gaia Ashram philosophy is based on Permaculture, Ecovillage Design and Deep Ecology. We have been collaborating closely with the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) community.

Natural Building

With the help of many volunteers, course participant and interns we have build seven earthen buildings on the land using different building technique including adobe, earthbag, cob, wattle & daub.

Natural Products from our Farm

We are currently creating a little regenerative enterprise that is called Gaia Essence (more information here). Gaia Essence is producing natural products on the land and from the land. We have a little earth building shop and cafe called Gaia Cafe. Here we serve healthy vegetarian food, good coffee and we sell our Gaia Essence products.

Schedule one Day Eco-farm Visit:

What will you see as part of the Holistic Eco-Farm Tour:

  • Food Forest & Agroforestry systems

  • Soil Fertility

  • Waste Management

  • Nursery and Plant Propagation

  • Dry Composting toilets

  • Vermicomposting Toilet

  • Vermicomposting Toilet

  • Hot-compost Shower

  • Chicken Caravan

  • Water Management

  • Natural Building and using recycled materials

  • Rewilding & Ecosystem Restoration

Price for the day:

The price for joining the Gaia Ashram Eco Farm Tour:

  • Adults: 650 THB p.p.
  • Under 18  years (till 12 years): 350 THB p.p.
  • Under 12 years: 200 THB p.p.

Price includes water, herbal tea, healthy lunch & drink, Eco Farm and Earthen Building Tour, demonstrations of Earthen Building and introduction to Natural Products and Essential Oil Distillation.

Register Now:

Join us on our One Day Eco-Farm Tour!

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Phone number: 0805791006


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How to get to Gaia Ashram?

More detailed information on how to find us HERE.

During the Covid-19 pandemic we ask all guest (even vaccinated guests) to please wear mask and practice social distancing during the whole tour.

“May all the work we do be of benefit to Mother Earth and all her Beings!”