YPV Energy Healing Workshop Level 1 (26-27 Jan)


YPV Energy Healing Workshop Level 1

Healing is an invaluable art. Once it is learned, it empowers a person to come out any circumstance without any fear. It teaches a person how to live life beautifully. This energy healing courses are very simple to understand and practice.

Date: 26-27 Jan 2019

Energy Healing

Yoga Prana Vidya(YPV) healing (or also known as Prana Healing or Energy healing) is a powerful no-touch-no-drug therapy for healing a being with the Universal Life Force known as ‘Prana’ by channelling it from our environment to the person. As we invoke for help and blessings of higher beings during the healing, it can also be called Spiritual healing or Divine healing. YPV healing can be used as a remedy for innumerable physical and psychological conditions, relationship problems, financial distresses and almost all difficulties in one’s life by balancing and cleansing of the energy bodies or ‘Chakräs’ of a being and thereby raising the consciousness of the person to higher frequencies. YPV healing can be considered a Holistic treatment.

YPV healing is based on the principle that human body has the ability to heal itself. With the techniques of YPV, the natural healing process of our physical body can be accelerated and hence, enabling a person to recover faster. This is done by balancing the energy system of a person. If there are any kind of blockages in the energy field of a person, it can easily be removed and if there is a depletion of energy, it can surely be replenished by fresh ‘Prana’ constantly available in the environment.


Some interesting facts about these courses:

What you will learn:
-Concept of Prana, feeling of different energy
-Energy centers/Chakras
-Self Healing
-Disease Analysis
-Treatment for common diseases
-Distance Healing
-Divine Healing
-Law of Karma Theory
-Planetary Peace Meditation

Language: English and translated in Thai

Place: Gaia Ashram, Nhongkhai

Facilitator: Suvir Sabnis
Website: http://yogapranavidya.com

Course fee: 5,000 Baht (food, accommodation-dorm are included)

In case that you want a single/double room, extra fee will be charged.
For a single room, the extra fee is 600 baht per night.
For a double room, the extra fee is 700 baht per night.
Please contact us in advance for the special room.

Registration: https://goo.gl/forms/sMg6PXeftTMzA46p1

Payment Method:
Transfer money to: สุนิสา จำวิเศษ ดีเตอร์ส 171-2-64450-4 Kasikorn Bank
and please attach the evidence of payment via the registration form.

Any further information you need about this course, please contact us at gaiaschoolasia@gmail.com or call +66 80 579 1006