17-day Permaculture Design Course 31 March – 18 April 2019

Gaia Ashram Permaculture Design Certificate Course

At Gaia Ashram we are practicing holistic sustainable living for over 5 years. In March 2019, Gaia Ashram will host the Gaia Calling or NextGENOA Gathering (18-26 March) as well as the Thai Permaculture Convergence (28 -31 March). To connect the NextGENOA movement and the growing permaculture community in the region, Gaia Ashram together with NextGENOA and www.flowful.org will hold a Permaculture Design Certificate Course right after the Thai Permaculture Convergence. To register just follow the link here and pay a deposit of 100 USD to be officially registered for the 17-days PDC course!

We created two early bird periods to for this 17 day PDC course.  Sign-ups before February 20 get the early bird rate of 530 USD; Sign-ups before March 10 get the early bird rate of 575 USD and sign-ups after March 10 get the normal rate of 600 USD. Registration closes March 28. Please help us and safe some money to sign-up as early as possible so we can move forward.

If you can afford more please consider to give more so we can offer discounts for other participants that struggle to pay the contribution, thank you. 

What is Gaia Ashram?

Gaia Ashram is an alternative and community-based education centre and farm with a strong focus on natural and organic farming. The centre was founded in 2013 with the vision to create a living and learning space that deepens our spiritual connection with nature. At Gaia Ashram, we offer Ecovillage Design Education Courses, Permaculture Design Courses, as well as other sustainable living courses such as natural building courses. We apply permaculture principles as much as possible in the garden, the community and in all other aspects of the place.

How does a PDC course look like at Gaia Ashram?

This PDC course is guided by Bill Mollison’s 72-hour curriculum and David Holmgren’s 7 domains of permaculture action. This 17-days course is well-balanced between theory and hands-on; ensuring that knowledge and experience can turn into wisdom. In a community-based setting, we will combine theory sessions and real-life experiences with a good portion of hands-on work.

Join us on this life changing journey at Gaia Ashram and increase your insights about ecology and permaculture and empower yourself to create an abundant garden at your home, in your street, at a school, or in your community! Become part of the growing tribe of people that are creating regenerative positive change for the benefit of the Earth and all her beings. To register just follow the link here

Who is this PDC course designed for?

In order to open the field of permaculture to the next generation of the Global Ecovillage Network members from Oceania and Asia, this PDC is targeting young change makers from all over the world. The course is also open for anybody interested in sustainable living practices, personal, societal, and planetary health, and for everybody working towards an abundant, ecologically responsible future. Together with the NextGENOA Gathering (18-26 March) and the Thai Permaculture Convergence (28 -31 March), this course is the perfect opportunity to get in touch with like-minded people and build up your network.



What will be covered during the 17-days PDC?

What will be covered during
the 17- days PDC?

The Facilitator Team

For this PDC we created a diverse group of facilitators from different countries, gender, and ages to embrace the diversity in permaculture. The three hosting facilitators gained experience in urban, rural, landbased and social permaculture in different parts of the world and started their permaculture journey for different reasons. Now they all live as residents at Gaia Ashram. Being part of the Gaia community and implementing different permaculture projects will open great ways of showcasing the magic of permaculture everywhere on the land. The three hosting facilitators will be supported by guest facilitators, to add different perspectives and experience on the learning journey. The combination of hosting and guest facilitators will create a passionated team, that will cover the full range of the curriculum coming from different angles and a wide varity of practial experties. We will announce the names and bios of the guest facilitators in the next weeks. To register just follow the link here

Hosting facilitators

Dhanushka Jayanetti from Sri Lanka.



Dhanushka is a former finance worker turned permaculturist. He has been designing and practicing permaculture since 2016 in various small to medium scale projects in Sri Lanka. He is also a co-founder of One Among Trees project (Sri Lanka), and works with the Permaculture Network Sri Lanka and Global Ecovillage Network Oceania & Asia. Dhanushka supports and focuses on alternative and holistic living. He is passionate in exploring human potential in alternative wisdom. 



Lars Blume from Germany

Lars discovered his love for gardening in his early childhood and was introduced to the magic of plants by his grandparents. While supporting them to grow fruits and vegetables in the family garden, he gained a basic understanding and natural way of interacting with soil and nature.


He has been in touch with permaculture for 5 years before he felt called to do a PDC at the Panya Project in Chiang Mai. 2 years later, he returned to Panya to co-facilitate his first PDC after designing and implementing a few projects in Europe and Thailand.

He is passionate of increasing social, environmental and animal justice with a focus on food democracy. Lars’ key learning and one of the reason to co-found flowful 2 years ago, is to keep on learning and stretching the personal comfort zone every single day.


Soraya MZE, from Réunion Island

Soraya is a permaculturist and group facilitator. For more than 15 years she works with young people; she was involved in the “YOUTH IN ACTION” program, a European program supported by The European Commission which promotes active citizenship, non-formal education, intercultural learning and inclusivity practices on a European level. Along with her career, she supported more than 500 young people all over Europe, Quebec, and Morocco through different projects such as European Voluntary Service (EVS), European Youth Exchanges, International Youth Workcamps, as well as youth leader and community worker training courses.

In 2016, she took part in the organization of the 4th French Permaculture Meeting at Steve Read’s farm in Ardèche. Through that gathering, she discovered what was missing in her work and she started to connect her life and work with Permaculture.
After practicing on her own by creating a rooftop garden and a cooking workshop in India, she finally did her Permaculture Design Course at Gaia Ashram in 2017. In 2018, she moved to Gaia Ashram and is since applying the permaculture principles in her day to day life. Besides her activism in environmental and social areas, she is passionate about soil regeneration and natural building.

Her professional background also leads her naturally to social permaculture. Soraya is an actual student of The Permaculture Women’s Guild.


Guest facilitators

Michael Commons: With over 10 years as coordinator of Earth Net Foundation’s Rice Chain Project building the capacity of farmers organizations, NGOs, and social entrepreneurs from South and Southeast Asia in organic rice production, guarantee systems, quality management, fair trade marketing, and resilience,

Michael practices organic agro-forestry + self-reliance with his family in Chachoengsao, Thailand, and is an active member of the Thai Permaculture network and the Agricultural Biodiversity Community.  His current focus is Regenerative Rubber- converting rubber monoculture to rubber forest gardening and building the related value chains to support this transformation.


What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a design system that reconciles human communities with the ecological imperatives of a living planet. Permaculture is a way of organizing knowledge, a connecting system that integrates science, art, politics, anthropology, sociology, psychology, and the diverse experiences and resources available in any community.

What is a Permaculture Design Certificate course?

A PDC is an internationally known and accepted 72-hour theory course resulting in a Permaculture Design Certificate. It provides an introduction to permaculture design according to the movement’s founder Bill Mollison. The PDC serves as a foundation for further permaculture work and studies.

To date, thousands of permaculture designers worldwide have been certified through this course, and now comprise a global network of educators, ecological activists, consultants and practitioners who are influencing the decisions of major corporations, small businesses and people from all walks of life to change the way we view and design our landscape, our surroundings, our relationships and our daily lives so we can grow the revolution that our planet needs.


bill molison

The course will include a broad range of topics applicable to life anywhere on this planet, it will be tailored to the needs of the students present as well as the location at hand. We will cover every major topic in Bill Mollison’s Permaculture: a Designers Manual in the classroom and also in the gardens. The course curriculum is as follows:

  • Philosophies and ethics underlying permaculture
  • Permaculture principles & how to apply them in your day to day life
  • Patterns in nature and how to use that in holistic design
  • Methods of design; applying permaculture design tools and strategies to your design problems
  • Climatic factors and strategies: we will cover all the major climate zones and how to work with them
  • Trees, forests and forest gardening: mimic natural forest systems to create an abundance of food, fiber, and fodder
  • Water: catchment, usage, importance, and conservation.
  • Soil structure, minerals, microorganisms, building new soil and preventing erosion: learn to work with the soil food web to create a healthy ecosystem and regenerate degraded land
  • Earthworks: shaping the land to reap the rewards of Mother Earth and create positive effects on ecological systems
  • Natural Building: learn how to build beautiful, spiritually uplifting homes using locally sourced natural materials
  • Appropriate technologies: the importance of using small and slow solutions fitting to your local resources and needs
  • Alternative systems: community living and other ways of living differently that works well for people and the planet. Bioregional organization, community development, alternative economic systems, permaculture as aid

Gaia Ashram Permaculture Design Course

This Permaculture Design Course will be held in the spirit of Gaia Ashram where community living is the foundation of the learning. Like every program held at Gaia Ashram, we will build a sense of community among all the course participants and the people who live at Gaia Ashram. There will be space for skillshare, deep sharing and well-being check-ins. Course participants are welcome to join the daily meditation & yoga practice. Gaia Ashram and the land are a living experiential classroom in that we mix lectures with hands-on work. In the culture of Gaia Ashram there will be time for us to connect to nature and the land on a deeper level. To register just follow the link here

Additional Topics

Ecovillage Living & Ecovillage Design: receive an introduction to Ecovillage Design & Ecovillage movement as Gaia Ashram is part of the bigger Global Ecovillage Network.
NextGENOA Network: How can I engage on the regional level and create a network of like-minded people?

Who can participate?

  • Anyone interested in sustainable living practices, in personal, societal and planetary health
  • Everyone working towards an abundant, ecologically responsible future
  • Backyard gardeners
  • Farmers and agriculturists
  • Landscape designers seeking a more sustainable dimension for their work
  • Environmental Studies students
  • Homeowners who want to invest in the long-term productivity of their property
  • School garden organizers
  • Educators
  • Activists

When is this PDC taking place?

31st of March till 18th of April, 2019

Where is this taking place?

Gaia Ashram, Nong Khai, Thailand


What are the fees?

530 USD – for sign-ups before February 20

575 USD – for sign-ups before March 10

600 USD – for sign-ups after March 10

Registration closes March 28.

If you can afford more please consider to give more so we can offer discounts for other participants that struggle to pay the contribution, thank you. 

The fee includes teacher fee, dormitory accommodation, and three vegetarian meals.

We also have single and double rooms available. Please feel free to approach us for further information about pricing.

How to apply?

Contact us, then sign up and pay your registration fee through Eventbrite or PayPal. We will send you a registration form to fill in your personal information along with an information package for your preparation. Then you are booked!

Eventbrite Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gaia-ashram-permaculture-design-certificate-course-tickets-55146718319

Cancelation policy

This course requires a minimum of 10 participants. We ask people to book and pay the deposit of 100 USD before 15th March, 2019. As soon as the minimum number of 10 participants is reached we will confirm that the course will take place. In case there are not enough participants signing up, we will announce the cancellation of the program by 15th March latest. If Gaia Ashram has to cancel the program, the paid deposit of 100 USD will be fully refunded. In case you have to cancel your participation in the program, the deposit of 100 USD can not be refunded.


Gaia Ashram provides basic facilities.

Accommodation: Dormitory, shared rooms and single rooms. Mosquito nets, cushions, bedding, and blankets are provided.
Common space for sessions: Indoor sessions will be held at our sala, the main building of Gaia Ashram. All practical sessions will be happening on the land.
Toilets and showers: we provide compost toilets and separate showers for men and women.
Internet: There’s no internet available at Gaia Ashram but there is a wi-fi shop in the next village which is a 10-min bicycle ride away. We have a few bicycles available that can be used.
Food: Healthy local vegetarian and vegan food will be served. Participants will team up to cook breakfast in turns and on Sundays there is space for participants to cook their own food.

Any further information you need about this course, please contact us at gaiaschoolasia@gmail.com

About Gaia Ashram please take a look at these media or have a look at our website, Furthermore, just check flowful.org a Blog of two of our long-term residence. 




Want to know more about permaculture and why you should get excited about taking your PDC, please read though some of the website below:

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May this course be of benefit to all beings!