The Next Generation of the Global Ecovillage Network of Oceania and Asia (NextGENOA) is a growing network of young people of the Ecovillage and Sustainability movement within the Oceania and Asia region. These groups of young people have been active in their local areas, among their friends, family and other young people, to raise awareness about environmental issues & to come up with eco-solutions. These young people aim to inspire others to become part of growing tribe of people who are committed and actively engaged in the healing process of the earth and creating a sustainable future.

In November, 2014, NextGENOA had its first regional gathering in India where representatives from the different countries of the Oceania & Asia region were present. During these 5 days gathering NextGENOA looked into how to create a stronger NextGENOA network and empower the sustainability movement of young people in Asia & Oceania. At this gathering NextGENOA representatives met and shared their experiences and visions of their countries. From there, it became clear that to strengthen the network further NextGENOA needs to have a more intensive gathering combined with an intensive educational program that will deeply bond the NextGENOA youth together and where the youth will experience living their shared values together in a community setting.

The Ecovillage Design Education (EDE – Gaia Education) is an educational program that has proven to be very effective in providing the knowledge and pathways of a holistic way of living towards a sustainable future. Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) programs create transformation in people at all levels & these EDE’s have been successfully held throughout the world.


The NextGENOA EDE is an holistic educational program that will bring NextGENOA young leaders from the Oceania and Asia region together at one place to meet and share with each other at the mental, heart, practical and spirit level. This NextGENOA EDE will build capacity, skills & a deep understanding of Ecovillage Design Education process. This NextGENOA EDE will help in laying a  foundation for the creation of a strong NextGENOA network.

After the NextGENOA EDE program there will be a NextGENOA strategy planning meeting for four days, followed with three days of a  Deep Ecology retreat in a forest. The NextGENOA strategy planning is a meeting to design NextGENOA’s organizational structure and platform using Ecovillage Design principles. The aim of the NextGENOA Platform is to enable more young people within the region to become part of the sustainability movement. The Deep Ecology retreat aims to deepen our connection and commitment with the earth, the source of life that gives us strength and connect us all together at a deeper level.

Tentative date of activities

  • NextGENOA EDE : 28th of January-2nd of March, 2018

Expected Outcome

NextGENOA is strengthened, with a diverse group of empowered and committed young leaders from various countries within the Oceania and Asia region, and NextGENOA becomes an inspiring movement that provides a guideline and a platform for young people within the region to become active in creating a sustainable future together.


  • Participants gain knowledge in Ecovillage Design Education.
  • Participants are more empowered and become more confident to practice, live and promote sustainable living for a sustainable future in their local areas.
  • Participants are deeply connected with each other & inspired by the Ecovillage values and vision.
  • NextGENOA regional and local network is strengthened with clarity of vision, mission and organizational structures.

Participants & Selection process

We aim to have between 20-22 NextGENOA’s participants selected from the active GENOA & NextGENOA countries. To select the participants we set up the following process:

  • The first priority target group: Young adults that have been active in sustainable living or sustainable development movement within the active GENOA countries and that have a connection with the GENOA country rep of that country. These countries include India, China Bangladesh, Srilanka, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, Myanmar, Australia & Bhutan. These countries can nominate 2 applicants to attend the EDE. India and Australia & Oceania can nominate 3 applicants. If they wish to have more than two applicants to submit, the extra applicants will be on the waiting list. If there is/are countries that cannot send their applicant(s) the applicants on the waiting list will take the slots.
  • The second priority (the countries that have GENOA country reps that want to start working, connecting with active young adults and to start NextGEN movement within their countries). These countries include Malaysia, Nepal, China, Japan & Cambodia. These countries can nominate applicants for waiting list.

Applicants qualification

  • Age : 23-33 years old.
  • Active in sustainable living practices in any aspect at any level(local/regional or global).
  • Deeply interested and able to commit to become part of NextGENOA team to create a strong network and movement of the young within the region & local areas.
  • Committed to work/connect with GENOA country representative of your country.
  • Able to communicate in English.
  • Applicants from each country should have mixture of gender(one male and one female).

Selection process

  • If interested to join the NextGENOA EDE, Meeting & Retreat first sent a motivation letter to NextGENOA at &/or to your GENOA country representative stating the reason why you want to join this NextGENOA EDE, Meeting & Retreat, why you are interested in NextGENOA & becoming part of the NextGENOA movement. Also provide some background information of yourself & how you have been involved in the sustainability movement.
  • After we received the motivation letter from you will sent you the application form.
  • Fill in application & sign application form and submit to NextGENOA to
  • NextGENOA &/or the GENOA country representative will select applications that meet the criteria qualification most.
  • We would also ask the participants to make 100 $ downpayment through Eventbrite as to show their commitment to the programme.
  • Apply before December 14th.


We will clarify the budget as soon as we have more clarity on the program, teachers, locations etc.

1)  Each participant has to raise funds for themselves, with the support of their GENOA country representative. The amount to be raised per participants is 550 USD per person to attend the EDE, the gathering & meeting and the retreat.

2) The rest of the amount will be raised by NextGENOA which at the current financial situation amounts.


“May this NextGENOA EDE, Meeting & Deep Ecology Retreat be of benefit to all beings & our beautiful planet Earth”


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