The world is in peril, structures of our society are miserably failing confined by narrow thinking, our economic systems are weak and our environment is being destroyed. The species that live on this planet are not just at danger of disappearing but becoming extinct and never returning to Earth. This is all at the hand of one species – humans. The next generation of youth will rise up in the future and look back at our times and ask – the previous generation knew these problems, but why didn’t they do anything to prevent this? In 30 years, they will live in a world of catastrophe and will never see the beauty that the current generation sees. We have to begin to think about the future sustainability of the planet and how we can evolve our thinking to take all aspects (social, ecological, economic and worldview) into consideration when we develop.


NextGENOA is the youth movement of the Global Ecovillage Network of Oceania & Asia (GENOA). The Global Ecovillage Network Oceania & Asia (GENOA) was formed in 1997 and it is a collection of people, ecovillages and organisations in Oceania & Asia region. A member of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), GENOA promotes ecovillage living where people live together in a sustainable way, with dignity, in harmony with each other, and with nature.


NextGENOA is a network of young people from the Asian & Oceania region who are committed to care for the earth by practicing and promoting sustainable living and Ecovillage values within the Oceania and Asia region & potentially beyond the region. NextGENOA is  the regional network of national/local NextGEN groups such as NextGEN Srilanka, NextGEN Korea, NextGEN Bangladesh & NextGEN Thailand. NextGENOA aims to expands its impact through supporting & creating as many local/national group, that take action for positive change, as possible.

The highest purpose of NextGENOA is to have as many young people as possible be involved in creating a positive and sustainable future in any aspect and at any capacity they have.

Four Pillars of NextGENOA:

  • Education
NextGENOA beliefs that Education is key in creating change for a sustainable future. NextGENOA works to provide education that raises awareness around our current unsustainable society or what Joana Macy call “The Industrial Growth Society”. NextGENOA aims to empower young people to become part of the solution towards a more sustainable future. This education should help young people to have deep understanding about the Industrial Growth Society and it impact to life on earth as well as providing good knowledge on sustainable and holistic solutions.
This education can mean full EDE course (one month Ecovillage Design Education Course) or a mini EDE, Deep Ecology Workshops, NextGEN Spirit Process, Nature/Wilderness Retreats/ Natural Building Courses, Permaculture courses or any kind of education that is designed to provide learning to create positive change towards a more holistic sustainable future.
  • Inspiration

NextGENOA works to inspire other young people, youth, children to take action to create change. This can be happening through education, publications or articles, stories, website or facebook, youth exchange, exposure trips etc.

  • Action

NextGENOA not only talks about creating change but they are actually actively involved in creating change in their local areas like tree plantings projects, school gardening, cleaning up a river, managing rubbish, campaigning against plastic etc. Whichever action it is it has to be implemented based on Ecovillage values like collaboration, participation, connection, transparency, growth etc.

  • Connection

NextGENOA aims to widen its impact by widening it circle. NextGENOA has created the NextGEN Spirit Process which acts like a platform for more young people to get involved and be part of the movement. This platform gives clear guideline on how to start a NextGEN group & how to widen the movement. This process is evolving as we speak & the different local NextGENOA groups will add their experiences & knowledge to the NextGEN Spirit Process & help in its evolution as the movement grows wider.

For more information on NextGENOA or want to become part of the movement email us: or

“Together we are the change we want to see in the world!”