Healing: From Self to Community Workshop (20-24 Feb 2019)


Many people seek for a healthy way to live in harmony with their environment as individuals, in their families and in community. Permaculture principles and ethics can broadly be applied as guidelines which can be used to help achieve this. At the personal and social level they transcend religion and are only spiritual insofar as they support the natural balance in an individual’s being and so are enablers that can help bring people to Wellness. When we look through the lens of permaculture at our own living situation we can consciously design new ways to treat ourselves, others and our environment. These need to be in harmony for there to be a peaceful flow. This course will show you how to really live permaculture, how to bring balance to your own being through understanding the 5 elements that we and our whole world and Universe are made up of, and extend this out into your family and communities!




  • EARTH/WATER elemental movement practice 
  • Introduction to PERMACULTURE ETHICS
  • Listening to each other
  • Working with the 5 elements to find balance in our own lives  Observing Earth and Water in nature, corresponding characteristics in you Discussion
  • Meditation
  • Dharma discussion


  • FIRE/AIR elemental movement practice 
  • Observing FIRE and AIR in nature, corresponding characteristics in you Discussion
  • SPIRIT guided Yoga Nidra
  • Observing FIRE and AIR in nature, corresponding characteristics in you Discussion
  • Movement meditation


  • Circle warm-up and games
    Self-reflection – create a personal elemental mandala
  • Discussion
  • Exploration of permaculture design – group activities
    Assignment: Personal Holistic Healing Design
  • Tour of Gaia Ashram
  • Understanding Patterns in Nature
  • –  Visible patterns: dendritic, spiral, fractal, symmetrical, etc

      –  Invisible patterns: ecosystem, time-based patterns, etc

  • Movement meditation
  • After-dinner bonfire and jam session (Tentative)


  • Circle warm-up and games
  • Communication as Flow – group activities with NVC and other communication techniques
  • Human Permaculture – exploring holistic design using patterns of human behaviour, communication, etc
  • Personal creation: time for working on the assignment
  • Movement meditation
  • Free time


  • Circle warm-up and games
  • Group Discussion 
  • ‘Speed-dating’ activity
  • Personal Creation: time for working on the assignment
  • After Lunch Activities (Depending on where each individual is at, if you wish to have more time for the development of their Healing Plan, and if you prefer to work together or alone)
  • After-dinner sharing circle and goodbye


Charlotte Holloway Ashwanden

Charlotte is a permaculture designer, teacher, community member, dancer and laugher, among other things. Her experience and interests include a BA in Peace Studies, community living, safe space creation, dance and mythology. She weaves all of these into a unique blend of social and personal permaculture aimed at helping people to achieve holistic peace within themselves and their communities. This is done through exploring conscious design and communication techniques in a safe atmosphere of humour and respect.

Daniel Pugh

Daniel works as a Wellness therapist with the 5 Elements we are composed of and that occur in nature (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit). Together he works with clients towards balancing these to help achieve Wellness. Ancient medical systems (Yoga, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine) and increasingly allopathic (Western) medicine agree that energy flow and balance are key so the organism can prevent injury or becoming ill and to heal from injury or illness.

‘Health and wellbeing is our natural state, but often we forget to nourish it until it’s too late. Knowledge from 5 Elements can help us to restore this, but the most important is the intention to be well.’

Daniel works as a Wellness therapist in Myanmar and Thailand using movement as medicine, food as medicine and works to balance energy and flow so people can enjoy fulfilling and happy lives without illness.


6,700 Baht – Dormitory

8,800 Baht – Single room

This fee is included accommodation, all meals and instruction.



Make the payment via: 


Facilities: Gaia Ashram provides basic facilities and the basic needs of participants will be met.

Accommodation: Dormitory, shared rooms and single rooms. Mosquito nets, cushions, bedding and blankets are provided.

Common Space for sessions: Indoor session will be held at the first floor of Gaia Sala & the Mini-Sala and practical session will be happening on the land, in nature.

Toilet and Shower: compost toilets and showers for men and women.

Internet: Internet Shop in the next village is usually available everyday. We have a few bicycles available. We will provide trip to internet on Sundays.

Food: Healthy local vegetarian & vegan food will be served by local cooks. Participants will team up to cook breakfast in turns.

Gaia Ashram’s policy on drugs & alcohol

We allow no alcohol or drugs on the Gaia Ashram property. We ask people to smoke at the smoking corner only. This will help to provide healthy environment for learning and living together for one month. We encourage people to take this one month as an opportunity to have a break from their smoking or drinking.


For further information… 

Any further information you need about this course, please contact us at gaiaschoolasia@gmail.com

Most of the rest of the profit from the course will be spent on water harvesting and irrigation at the Gaia Ashram (building water tanks, installing gutters, buying pumps and install solar energy system for the pumps etc.)