Youth Cultural and Environmental Awareness exchange program.

This is a program that provide cultural and environmental awareness exchange between local children and youth in Thailand with regional and international children and youth.

This program aim to raise the awareness around the cultural diversity, promoting local knowledge and wisdom among the next generation as well as learning new knowledge and appropriate technology that will help to restore nature and its biodiversity.

The program is designed for what we call “Total Awareness” which means awareness in the mind (knowledge, understanding,) awareness in the heart (love, care, empathy, compassion), awareness in action (practice – hands – on), and awareness in spirit( connection with the purpose, the higher self, the greater whole). Children and youth will be guided through fun process to share what they know, what they think and what they feel about themselves, their culture, the world around them and nature. They will also be sharing and learning together how to take care of nature and actually doing something together to help nature during the program. The program will include different elements such as participatory and interactive learning in class, art, games, exploring nature, meditation, yoga, hands – on, presentations, cultural performance etc. we also open space for the children and youth to spontaneously come up with their own activities as it goes.

The program will be adjusted according to age and culture of the group who participate in the program. Gaia School Asia is open to co – design the program with the group leaders.

The length of time of the program;

Short program: 2 days 3 nights. Short program can be organized throughout the year and it will be held during weekend. Start on Friday evening and end at Sunday evening.

A Week Program: 7 days program. Can be organized only during school summer time (Thai school) which is in middle of March until the middle of May and in the month of October.