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Gaia School Asia’s & NextGEN workshops & education programs have been developed & piloted by us over the past years throughout Asia from Sri Lanka, India, Ladakh, Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh & South-Korea. The educational programs are designed to be flexible, participatory & holistic.

·      Flexible in that it can be used & adopted for a wide variety of groups such as children, youth, parents, teachers, women groups etc. & the program is adopted to fit the local context of the culture & setting (urban or rural).

·       Participatory in the sense that there will be a lot of interactive group work, a lot of the learning will come from the group itself & from being part of a learning community.

·      Holistic in the sense that during our programs or sessions the participants learning will go through the process of total awareness. Which means the awareness that includes the awareness in the mind, awareness in the heart and awareness in action. will be going.

The Energy Wave Process by Gaia School Asia

The educational process usually goes through 8 steps of awareness raising which we call it Energy Wave process. The aim of the group process work is to raise the energy towards high motivation for taking positive action fro the Earth. It’s a process combined of the Buddhist Philosophy of 4 Noble Truth, Joanna Macy’s “Work that reconnect” and “Spirit Work” and a lot from intuition. This process has been developed, adjusted, polished & improved as we have experienced using it for over 1000 children, youth groups and school teachers in Thailand, Bangladesh, Srilanka, India, Nepal, Ladak, Korea, Interfaith Asian youth in Malaysia:

1)   Opening, Introduction & Community building

·      Group, trust building exercises

2)   Gratitude (Happy Nature)

·      Expressing Gratitude toward myself, culture, my home & nature.

3)   Concerns (Sad Nature)

·      What concern I have about myself, home, nature, culture

4)   Visioning the Future/Inspirations

·      Good examples of Positive Global Movements i.e. permaculture, ecovillage movement or young people taking care of our Mother Earth.

5)   Flower of the Earth:

·      What can I do to heal the wounds of our Mother Earth? Create a small Action plan that is do-able.

6)   Networking & NextGEN Spirit

·      Creating support network & group spirit

7)   Collective Action

·      Positive group action that helps taking care of our Mother Earth together on the site

8)   Celebration

·      Celebrate our awareness & action

   May all beings be happy!

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