Gaia School Asia

“With love, respect and gratitude in our hearts, with joy and care, with the concerns we have for the consequences of our lifestyles to nature and all beings, with the willingness to share and bring awareness to friends, families and others and to deepen the love, respect and connection to nature amongst ourselves, the children and the youth, we founded Gaia School Asia and dedicate our work to nature, all beings and the future generations of our beautiful planet Earth.”

Gaia School Asia GSA project is on hold at the moment so that we can focus our energy on creating Gaia Ashram which is the base for all our activities including Gaia School Asia. Once Gaia Ashram is strong and has a strong team we will open up the pathway to Gaia School Asia again.

Gaia School Asia works with children and we intend to bring nature awareness and nature connection to children and students in Asia by using participatory teaching methods. The Gaia School Asia team are merely facilitators in the teaching and awareness raising process. Gaia School Asia aims to use holistic methods where the children will combine the use of their heads, heart and hands. To accomplish its vision and mission of bringing awareness about the importance of taking care of our earth, Gaia School Asia works together with different groups and movements who share the vision of a healthy planet earth where nature and people can thrive.

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Gaia School Asia operational center is based at Gaia Ashram which is 2-hectares of land which is being developed using deep ecology, permaculture and ecovillage design principles in the North-East of Thailand. At the Gaia Ashram we aim to grow our own food and live as sustainable as possible. At Gaia Ashram we are able to host international and local courses, activities and workshops on nature connection for children, youth and other groups. Gaia Ashram aims to also serve as an educational playground where children can experience being in nature and learn about natural building, growing your own food and other sustainable living practices. As Gaia School Asia and Gaia Ashram are based in Thailand we have worked and will work with our local village Ban Suai Long and villages around us. We will work with the villagers, schools, children and students from primary, secondary, colleges to universities.

Gaia School Asia also has travelled and intend to set up a nomad teacher program within Thailand and other parts of Asia to work with schools and to link up with other people, organisations and teachers who are also serving Gaia and share the vision. Gaia School Asia is closely connected to the Global Ecovillage Network of Oceania & Asia GENOA and the founders of Gaia School Asia are also representing the youth movement of GENOA called NextGENOA. Many of the youth of NextGEN Oceania and Asia also work on awareness raising about the importance of taking care of nature in schools and children.

“We ask for the “Spirit of Gaia” to support our work to heal ourselves, each other and all beings and to help us bring awareness about the importance of caring for our nature”