Gaia Ashram Farm

Apart from an Educational Project on Sustainable living Gaia Ashram also aims to grow an abundance of food on the organic farm and organic gardens. Gaia Ashram Farm is a small family farm of about 3 hectares of land. Our aim is to grow firstly enough organic food for the Gaia Ashram project to feed the many volunteers, interns and course participants and the people that live here and that stay on the land.  For this purpose we get the support of Om’s family who have been living and farming in this area for a long time.

At one point we will have surpluses that we will have to process and sell to people who are interested in organic & healthy food in urban areas in our surrounding areas such as Nong Khai & Udon Thani and potentially further away in the bigger cities such as Bangkok & Chiangmai.

At the moment we have Organic Riceberry Rice for sale in Nong Khai, Thailand. We sell the rice within Thailand and we ask for a minimum order of 50 kg to make it worth while. We sell for 60 bath per kilo and ask the buyer to pay for delivery costs.

rice.jpg                                                           Organic Riceberry Rice 

We also have potentially a lot of Organic citronella, Organic lemongrass & Organic Galangal for sale. If people are interested in this they can contact us:

We are not certified organic as this process takes a lot of time and money to realise. We welcome and are open to any visitors who would like to see the Gaia Ashram Farm & Project..