Gaia Ashram

 Gaia Ashram is a community based education center on Permaculture, Deep Ecology and Ecovillage Design Education and other sustainable living practices. Gaia Ashram is the base for Gaia School Asia and one of the operational centers of NextGEN Oceania & Asia and we provide trainings/workshops/courses for children, international and Asian youth. Gaia Ashram also provides long-term volunteer and internship opportunities for Asian and international youth. Gaia Ashram is an eco project physically based on two hectare of land located in the North-East of Thailand near Nong Khai and the Laos border of Vientaine. Gaia Ashram is currently being developed using Ecovillage, Deep Ecology or Spiritual Ecology and Permaculture design principles for more info go to Gaia Ashram Design.

Gaia Ashram is a place where we allow young teachers of Permaculture, Deep Ecology or Ecovillage Design Education a chance to facilitate and organize courses and we also provide Training of Trainers where we teach about facilitation skills and how to teach in a participatory way.

Gaia Ashram is an intentional working community and we have clear structures in place to allow for physical work to be done in a mindful way. The work is not only about reaching the goal it is also about the process of the work.  The projects that we are doing depend on the seasons, during November to February which is known as the cold season, we will focus on building and growing veggies. During the dry/hot season March untill June we will focus on building and maintaining the systems we created. During the rainy season, May until October we will focus on planting but in the initial phase also on building. On the land there is a lot of work that can be done, we are growing veggies, fruit, trees, plants and flowers. We are always in the process of tuning-in to the land and practicing spiritual ecology, opening our senses to nature and we design and beautify the landscape together. We are always building soils by mulching, composting, manuring, growing beneficial plants etc. We think and create systems to save and hold water, to get rid of too much water, to distribute water, to have drinking water, to reuse greywater etc. We are also doing a lots of natural building, we design and implement design of the structures. Over the years the structures are a training hall, dormitory, small huts/houses, toolshed and agricultural building, nurseries, toilets, showers, kitchen, chicken coop etc. These building we build as much as possible with local and natural resources such as earth/adobe, wood or bamboo.

Gaia Ashram is intended to be a spiritual place where we are open to all kinds of spiritual practices and encourage community members to practice and offer to teach their spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation, reiki, thai-chi, prayer, shamanism and others to all. At Gaia Ashram we provide space and times for spiritual practice during sunrise and sunset and we follow the moon cycle through the Thai buddhist calendar which allows us on these days to be more contemplative and connecting to ourselves and nature. At Gaia Ashram we practice Spiritual Ecology or Deep Ecology which allows us to connect on a deeper level to the nature around us and really feel it.

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