Gaia Essence : A business of deep connection with nature

Gaia Ashram may have changed its approaches, strategies and made changes in small details in the ways we are doing things here and there. But our mission on nature restoration through restoring our deep connection with nature and physically hard working to bring back biodiversity and the ecosystem has never changed.

It’s been 7 years, since 2013, we have been trying to used different practices to guide our process including Permaculture Design, Ecovillage Design Education and Deep Ecology philosophy. We have spent these past years to create a culture of love and gratitude toward ourselves, each other, nature and life as individual and as the whole. We translate our love and gratitude into action toward our nature or ecosystem restoration.

Our volunteer, Cissa helped to harvest mulberry leaves to make tea.

It’s now has come to a phase where our effort, knowledge and experience we put in the project and the land in the past 7 years fruit and mature. We are harvesting crops from our garden and food forests to produced and processed the products of Love and Gratitude for our Gaia Essence natural product business.

Gaia Essense is the name we use to call this business. The idea of this business, a part from trying to make another way of income to sustain Gaia Ashram project, is to send out a message that The mother Gaia Earth has produced, processed and provided us with all that we need to keep us alive and inspired. Nature is not only giving us plainly what we need but it present us with so much diversity in forms, shapes, texture, colors, fragrance, aroma and with all their nutritional, medicinal and magical properties. Gaia’s essence is the essence of greatness and magic. It’s the essence of immense possibilities.

One of our products from our food forest.

By contemplating on this it inspires us to do this business where we produced and process our products from nature with love and gratitude for the mother earth. We want to be part of the mother earth in her processes of providing greatness. We are inspired by the mother nature to always try to produce healthy and good quality product. We know that the key of doing that, a part from having the knowledge and experience, is to do it with a lot of Love and Gratitude in our heart. Love and Gratitude for the mother nature, for all beings, for life as the whole.

We are proud and enjoy the increasing of wildlife on Gaia Ashram land.

Because of the realization that we are all part of the earth, we are all part of the web of life and the interconnectedness of all beings are the key of our existence or non existence, we want to make good healthy products to help others to be healthy. So that we will become healthy too. Because healthy people will effect in healthy system.

We do have a vision that the Gaia Essence business to be a business of deep connection with nature. We produced and processed the products with love and gratitude for the mother nature. We also try to remind people, on our package, to consume the products with love and gratitude for the mother nature as well.

Gaia Essence is our newest strategy in our nature/ecosystem restoration. Follow us to see more information how Gaia Essence is helping restoring the ecosystem!

Our product list
Kafir Lime Shampoo, 100% natural!
Hands roasted lemongrass tea!
Coconut oil soap in making!

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