Gaia Calling

a gathering of Gaia Ashram and ecovillage network for connection, inspiration and celebration

10 – 12 December 2022

Gaia Calling is our annual gathering where We call for a gathering of people who are part of Ecovillage Network from around the world. These include people who have attended any programs at Gaia Ashram from the past and people who share ecovillage values. The gathering create the opportunity for connection with each other, to exchange and inspire each other and celebrate together.  

to whom this gathering for?

  • For those who are Gaia Ashram alumnis, former volunteers and interns.
  • For those who are part of the Global Ecovillage Network of any region
  • For those who share the values and practices of ecovillage, Permaculture and Deep Ecology such as sustainability, holistic worldview, community, engaged spirituality etc.
  • For those who looks for network and inspiration for sustainable living 

Program schedule

Gaia Calling[/caption]

Gaia Calling
Gaia Calling

How to apply?

Gaia Calling

If you have never joined any activities/programs at Gaia Ashram before please fill in the registration form on this link :Gaia Calling registration form

Program Fee

Gaia Calling

Toilets & Shower

Shared toilets and showers are available at the camp site and near the main hall where we will do the activities. Please be prepared for very basic facilities. 

Gaia cafe & wifi

Wifi is available at the main hall and at our Gaia Cafe. At Gaia Cafe We also sell natural products made at Gaia Ashram and by our networks such as mosquito repellent, soap, shampoo and off course, coffee and tea!

when to arrive and how to get here

The program will start at 10 am on the 12th. please plan to arrive before. If you want to arrive a day before there will be extra charge for meal. it is 100 THB per meal. The program will finish by 12th 12.30 pm. Lunch will be prepared and departure time after lunch. If you want to stay extra nights please book before. 

How to get to Gaia Ashram? please click on the Link

You have any question please contact us at