Gaia Ashram Teacher Internship September

10 September 2017 – 7 January 2017

Are you a Permaculturalist? Ecovillage Designer? Deep Ecologist? Builder? Gardener? Alternative technology engineer? Natural product maker? Healer? Herbalist? Nutritionist? Shaman? Dancer? Artist? Yogi & Yogini? 

Are you looking for a community to live to practice your knowledge and skills, a space to share your knowledge and skills with others, a place to use your knowledge and skills to create positive impact on earth?
Then, you might be interested in this program!

What is Gaia Ashram Teacher Internship Program?
The Gaia Ashram Teacher Internship is a 4 months program where we provide a learning space for those who wish to deepen and widen their knowledge and skills relating to sustainable and conscious living, who wish to use their knowledge and skills to help creating a better place on earth and who wish to share their knowledge and skills with others, who want to gain experience on teaching, leading groups and practice their facilitation skills as well as other skills for community living.

Who might be interested?

We are providing this program especially for people who are interested in teaching / practice/ experiment their knowledge that is related to sustainable or conscious living such as the following areas:
Permaculture, Ecovillage Design, Deep Ecology, Spiritual Ecology, Wilderness retreats, Gardening, Natural Building, Alternative Technology, Nutrition, Herbalism, Healthy Food & Diet, Natural Healing & energy healing, Natural Products, Shamanism, Dance, Artists, Yoga & Tai Chi etc.

What the Gaia Ashram Teacher Internship offers to teacher interns?

  • Time to study/research/experiment in your area of expertise for one day a week during the working day.
  • Afternoons to work on your project area/area of expertise/area of interest which should enhance Gaia Ashram space at any aspect.
  • Space to practically practice/experiment/to go deep in your area of expertise/interest.
  • Training and mentoring on facilitation skills and leadership (workshop on facilitation skills every two weeks)
  • Training and mentoring on workshop/session design
  • personal coaching by the mentors
  • Chance to lead /give small workshops/presentations and instruct groups of volunteers/interns at the Gaia Ashram
  • Chance to facilitate or co-facilitate some sessions in our Gaia Ashram Internships program or other courses that are hosted at Gaia Ashram.
  • Chance to learn how to organise a workshop/course
  • Chance for those who are interested to teach children/youth, to work with local children/youth groups
  • A Sangha (i.e. supportive community) to practice & share knowledge, social skills, community living and simple living skills
  • A space to be close to nature, interact and help nature to heal herself.
  • After their completion of the 4 months internship, the teacher intern can apply to be long term or part-time resident at Gaia Ashram, to be a teacher here, to run the learning center together, to have opportunity to organize/teach a courses or workshops here.

What does Gaia Ashram ask of the teacher interns? 

    • –  Joining the day to day community life, being part of the community, taking responsibility in the community such as being part of a chore team & living together according to the community structure.
    • Teacher Interns rotational taking roles of responsibility of certain areas such as the garden, kitchen, volunteers, sala (i.e. sleeping space and living space), timekeeping etc.
    • To be self-motivated to deepen and develop your spiritual practice for personal growth and the intention to do inner work as well as the outer work
    • –  Use your knowledge & expertise to enhance Gaia Ashram project in that aspect.
    • –  Working together practically in the garden, in building and maintaining the place, working together to enhance the Gaia Ashram project as a beautiful vibrant living learning centre.
    • – being proactive in using your passion to make a change!
    • “ A great teacher keeps their feet on the ground”

Teacher Interns Structure

The first month : Integration Period

the first month of June is an integration period where the teacher interns will learn & get to know how Gaia Ashram works in day to day living, integrating themselves in the place and learn the core values of Gaia Ashram and learn to understand how we manifest the values in different aspect. This period is also a community building period where we will create the integration of us all coming together with the shared values and intentions. It’s a period where we will create a community spirit together.

Month 2-3-4 : Leadership & Empowerment

This period teacher interns will

  •  step into managerial role and take more responsibility in community living such as kitchen management, Volunteer management, Sala (common space) management etc, which are rotational weekly.
  • start focusing on their project area where they will spend every afternoon of the working day working on it.
  • start  guiding/instructing/giving presentations or small workshops to groups of volunteers or interns.
  • have one day a week during the working day as a study day, to study their area of expertise or to prepare any teaching sessions
  • there will be workshop on facilitation skills offered every two weeks.
  • personal coaching & mentoring on workshop/presentation preparation

How to apply?

  • Send a motivation letter and a CV to us to:
  • Have a skype interview, to get to know each other, where we will ask you questions and you can ask us questions, to have mutual understanding of the program and how it works.
  • Fill in the registration form
  • Sign up with a non-refundable downpayment of 100 euros through Eventbrite to secure your place (see below for more info on fees). We only take 8 interns teachers maximum!

Teacher Internship Fee: 700 euros for 4 months

This fee includes food, accommodation (private room), facilities, mentoring & training in facilitation.

Teacher Interns are asked to sign up & make a 100 euro non-refundable downpayment through Eventbrite. The rest of the Teacher Internship fee will be paid in cash Thai bath on the day of arrival at Gaia Ashram.

Who We are?

Gaia Ashram is based in the North-East of Thailand & is a project founded in 2013 with the aim to grow a forest and gardens on the land where the project is based. We hope to grow a forest that produces food, abundance, diversity and is also a home for many beings. Gaia Ashram also aims to be an alternative education center on Permaculture, Ecovillage Design, Deep Ecology & other sustainable living practices. Gaia Ashram aims to be a learning centre where people from around the world come to learn to live in harmony with nature as well as to be empowered to work with and work for nature – for life on earth.


Teacher Interns should not expect much comfort. Basic facilities and needs are  provided for.

Accommodation: Dormitory, second floor of the Gaia Sala. tents are available for those who prefer to stay in tents. There are a few guesthouses for rent for those who want more private space (if available- recommended to book in advance)

Common Space for sessions: Indoor sessions will be held at the first floor of Gaia Sala, other session will be held underneath big trees.

Toilet and Shower: Compost toilets and roofless shower for men and women.

Internet: Internet Shop is nearby in the next village and is usually available everyday. It is possible to get an internet sim and potentially a dongle which can give you good internet connection.

No drugs & alcohol on the land

Food: We cook in turns when there are no courses going on and during courses we have cooks to cook for us & the participants. All meals are  vegetarian.

Interested please contact us at: