Ecovillage Lifestyle Experience Week

Program dates for 2024

Jan 22nd – 27ht 2024

March 4th – 9th 2024

June 3rd – 8th 2024

Sept 9th – 14th 2024

Novem 4th – 9th 2024

Join us and a growing tribe of people seeking to live a more sustainable lifestyle that is in harmony with nature.

You are looking to live a life more close to nature with like minded people. You want to experience an Ecovillage Lifestyle and learn how to live in harmony with all beings?

In our Ecovillage Lifestyle Experiential Week, you’ll get a glimpse of what living in a community is like. You’ll learn sustainable ways of living through hands, heart, and mind.


Within our Experiential Week at Gaia Ashram you’ll experience an Ecovillage Lifestyle through living together in a community. We are combining theoretical sessions about Ecovillage Design refer to Ecovillage Design Education by Gaia Education. The week also include daily yoga and meditation sessions, fun hands-on activities covering permaculture gardening practices, natural building, and natural product making etc.

What is an Ecovillage?

An Ecovillage Lifestyle is a holistic way of living that covers all aspects of life and is built upon the knowledge, wisdom, and experiences of ecovillages from all around the globe. Put together by the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), the concept of Ecovillage Design is a whole systems design based on 4 areas of regeneration: social, culture, ecology, and economy.

Whole Systems Design Ecovillage Design Education Ecovillage Lifestyle

Social Dimension of the ecovillage design education

The Social Dimension addresses social systems and is rethinking and rebuilding human communities. What are the ways to live and work together in harmony? How can we as a community support and strengthen the individual? What are conscious and compassionate ways of making decisions or managing conflicts?

Economic DIMENSION for a resilient economic system

Economic Design relates to a more resilient and participatory economic system that doesn’t harm nature and people. What are the alternatives? What are the existing systems and tools? How can you survive economically be in line with your values and ethics without exploiting Mother Earth and all her beings?

Ecological DIMENSION to regenerate mother earth

This dimension covers the Ecological aspect of land design that includes green architecture, sustainable agriculture, ecological engineering, ecological restoration, and regenerative development and aims for an ecological balance in coexistence with nature. It consists of analyzing and managing water, soil, energy, waste management to create circular systems and sustain ecological interdependencies. The Ecological Dimension incorporates Permaculture or other designs that correspond to the natural system, such as Khok Nong Na or others.

Cultural DIMENSION of the ecovillage design education

The cultural dimension includes our worldview, our culture, and our spirituality and invites us to questions our basic assumptions and become more conscious about your own worldview. What kind of values do we hold? How do we give meaning to life and the world? Ecovillages tend to have different identities or cultures because of their cultural traditions and practices. Although ecological communities are generally similar, they often communicate in different languages and are based on different core values.

What does the experiential week at Gaia Ashram look like?

We strongly believe that learning is not only going through our minds but also through our hearts and hands. That’s why our Experiential Ecovillage Lifestyle Week is a combination of theory, hands-on, and deep sharings.

WHat is gaia ashram and who are we? 

Gaia Ashram is a community-based education center on Permaculture, Deep Ecology, Ecovillage Design Education and other sustainable living practices. We are a learning center that provides workshops and courses for both international and national participants. Feeling the urge to regenerate Mother Earth, Gaia Ashram was founded in 2013 by Tom and Om.

***Please be aware of our policy on drugs & alcohol***

We don’t allow alcohol or drugs on our property. We ask people to smoke at the smoking corner only to provide a healthy environment for learning and living together. We encourage people to take this course as an opportunity to have a break from smoking or drinking.

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The fee is 7,500 THB 
Early bird and promotional fee : 6,500 THB(When book & pay before March 31st)

Fee includes food and accommodation (dormitory). We ask participants to pay the full amount to secure their spot prior to arrival. If you are ready to book & register  sent us on email we will email you payment details.
For children under 16 the fee is 2500 THB and below 10 years 1500 THB. Infant below three stay for free.


Included in the fee is accommodation in our dormitory, 3 vegetarian/vegan meals per day, as well as yoga, dance, and meditation. We also have private accommodation available that can be booked for an additional fee.


  • Accommodation: Dormitory, hostel style. Mosquito nets, cushions, bedding, and blankets are provided.
  • Private rooms for an extra fee (big room 1,750 THB for course duration depending on availability at the time, Ideal for couples and/or small family). Small Room is  1250 THB. Please choose your preferred accommodation in the registration form.
Big Double Room
Spacious double room with balcony

  • Common Space for sessions: Indoor sessions will be held in our naturally built sala or our mini sala out of bamboo. Practical sessions will be happening on the land.

  • Toilets and showers: We provide compost toilets and showers for men and women.


  • Luckily we’re having our beautiful GAIA CAFE on our land. Here you can get your daily dose of coffee and tea, and have a look at our GAIA ESSENCE natural products.
  • Internet: We provide Wi-Fi in our cafe and you usually get good reception with AIS.
  • Food: Healthy local vegetarian food will be served by local cooks. Participants will team up to cook breakfast in turns.

WHERE TO FIND our learning center

We are located in the Northeast of Thailand, in between Nong Khai and Udon Thani. Where exactly we are and how you can get to us can be found here.

How to register:

Send us an email to
Introduce yourself, your name, why you want to join and how long you want to stay at Gaia Ashram. We will reply and confirm the availability.
We will then ask you to fill a registration form and we will sent you the payment information for the fee for Ecovillage Lifestyle Experience Week. After payment your booking is confirmed.

" May all the work we do be of benefit to Mother Gaia & All her Beings"