Courses & Activities

Gaia Ashram hosts a number of courses and internships on sustainable living. Gaia Ashram at this moment focuses on hosting courses on Deep Ecology, Permaculture, Natural Building and Ecovillage Design Education. Gaia Ashram is connected with many teacher and facilitators on these topics and we are creating a network of teachers and facilitators.

Gaia Ashram also host courses for NextGEN and Gaia School Asia where the courses focuses on sustainable living for children and youth. Apart from courses we have many activities with the local children and we organize the yearly “Nature Youth Camp” for the village kids. We also have a an on going program called  English and Nature. As many parents and schools really want their children to speak English, we can provide this program for the children and at the same time the kids will learn about nature and permaculture.

In the future Gaia Ashram will also host courses on yoga, meditation, natural foods, natural farming, organic farming and other interesting topics related to the permaculture ethics of People care, Fairshare and Earthcare.

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2 thoughts on “Courses & Activities

  1. Great stuff ! The programs are very inspiring and just whats needed. We would like to help by doing programs under your guidance in Buri Ram province. We run WWOOFThailand and Nong Weang Community Project here. Are you interested in leading and the children and us?

  2. tom & on u r very nice and ur work is very nice . i like you!!!!!!

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