A place in thailand
to reconnect with nature
through head, heart, hands, and spirit.

restoring our connection with mother earth and our sense of Eco-self while restoring our ecosystems - our web of life

Gaia Ashram is a place to deepen our connection with nature and Mother Earth through head, heart, hand, and spirit. We are an eco-learning center for Permaculture, Ecovillage Design, Deep Ecology, and Ecosystem Restoration in Thailand. Gaia Ashram seeks to study, experiment, and offer knowledge and practices that help us to live in harmony with nature. We offer courses and workshops, volunteers & internship opportunities as well as eco-farm stay for people to join us.


Join us and dive into ecovillage lifestyle, permaculture, deep ecology, Nature connection, and more...

You can join us to learn and experience ecovillage lifestyle, tropical permaculture, deep ecology, and nature connection in day to day living by joining our ecovillage lifestyle experiential week, volunteering, internship or become a resident!

Courses & Workshops

Gaia Ashram is a place to live close to nature with an ecovillage lifestyle and the practice of permaculture. As an eco-learning center, we have been offering courses & workshops such as Ecovillage Design Education, Permaculture Design Certificate Course, Deep Ecology & Nature Connection, Natural Building, Basics of Thai Herbal Medicine, and other sustainable living related programs… 

Eco-farm stay

Gaia Eco-Farm Stay is for those who only have a short period of time but want to spend it in nature to retreat, recharge, reconnect to nature in a healthy environment, eat local food, eat & drink organic, practice yoga and more self-care & nature care activities.

our products

Gaia Ashram uses permaculture and regenerative agriculture practices to produce our food as much as we can while trying to regenerate biodiversity back on the land. We started a business called Gaia Essence where we offer products from our own organic and regenerative farm as well as from our networks. We believe that we can reach our economic regeneration without sacrificing the abundance of nature.

what is gaia ashram

Gaia Ashram is a wonderful place to reconnect with ourselves and nature. The environment made me feel very safe, surrounded by warm-hearted people in the community.
Volunteer, Thailand

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