NextGEN Empowerment Training

These are slideshows of NextGEN Youth Empowerment trainings we did in different countries. During these trainings we try to engage the participants and promote active learning.


In Thailand with the Meajo youth near Chiang Mai organised by Panya project, PunPun, NextGEN Thailand and held at the Maejo Homestay from 18th of April to the 21st of April.

Sri Lanka:

Next GEN Empowerment Workshop Islander in Sri Lanka, was a two day workshop held during the 3 month Leadership and Sustainable Agriculture Training for Youth that is organised by Sevalanka Foundation (

NextGEN Empowerment Training at Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka, at Hemapollah’s organic farm. It was a three day workshop organised by CPBR, Growing Roots and NextGEN Sri Lanka. There were over 50 particpants youth who came from all over Sri Lanka. (


NextGEN empowerment in Hosur, India. Here we worked with schoolchildren for a three-day workshop and adjusted the NextGEN format accordingly. At the end of the workshop as a collective action with the kids we planted trees together in the schoolground.

NextGEN workshop in Orissa. Here we worked with tribal youth from different regions of Orrissa. It was organized by THREAD and hosted at THREAD. (More info: