Insights at Gaia Ashram

Kate Curtis

An Earth-lovers collection of travel writing, poetry, reflections and inspirational prose with full colour photographic images. Reflections on a Turning World, takes us on a journey from gratitude and honouring our pain for the world, to seeing with new eyes and going forth. Written over 10 years of travels to many different places, it contains deep insights about our connection to nature, to each other and the world we move in, inspires deep questioning, and encourages the reader to see the world with new eyes.


” I found a higher space to seek for Grace; a little space, inside the council of trees and thru gentle touch of my friend the breeze. I asked the circle of gathered trees, to teach me what I need, please. I asked the breeze how to live in a way of greatest ease. I asked the broken spiders web, to show me the way of flow & ebb.

Breeze answered: “If you really want the Truth my dear, we will find a way for you to hear. It may be though that you have to let go of everything you think you know”

Said spiders web; “Sometimes you are the trees, sometimes the weather, for its all one & tied together. Everyday let your web be broken. Let all your nets & traps fall open, and all the dead ones, let them go, cause there is another way to feed & grow.”

Tree said:”Don’t try to know all: just stand tall and keep reaching for the sky, not trying to question how or why. Knowing that there is nothing else you need to be is exactly how to be a tree.”

I said: “Nature please teach me how to be still & listen to & heed your will. Make me a part of you who knows so easily what to do. Because every little need is embedded in your seed. Planted in the ground, you are growing to the sound of the masterful teacher who lives in every creature. And every great force is moving from the source. May our prayers be granted for your vision to be implanted in our bodies and minds to make us of the kind that shape & wind around the bends and spaces and fit into the places where nay seed has landed, even when it is where I never wanted to be planted. Let me live like the trees, letting go of their leaves, with the breezes, I surrender, ’cause I am living to remember how to unharden the soil in my garden. How to loosen to let in the water through my skin and be touched by the hands that try to understand, to listen and know what is needed for this human garden to grow. How to nurture the seeds and listen also to the weeds.

So what is the greater purpose for these weeds to be of service? And what do we have to do with the shit that comes through? Shit answered: “Gather what was lost and make amazing compost. Flushing shit to the sea sets nobody free. So make a little pile and let it sit for a while then give it back to the ground for the most spiritual realization: The Alchemisation of your poo feeds the life that feeds you too.”

So the cycle is complete, we are exactly what we eat. All the elements of the trees are contained within me. The web of the spider cannot be stretched wider. The wind and the breeze will whisper all your needs, and this poo that you do will come right back to you. Thank you Mother Gaia. Your wisdom takes me higher and deeper to the roots where I find my truth. Life is the true guru, it knows exactly what to do and how to break through to my true life’s purpose; to be of service and to surrender to her will, show me how to stay still inside this movement and make some improvement to the planet that I live, this is how I want to live.”

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