2023 Program Calendar

Gaia Ashram 2023 Calendar per program


Ecovillage Lifestyle Experience Week  (ELEW)

(Language : Bilingual, English & Thai)

“Joining and Experiencing Ecovillage Lifestyle at Gaia Ashram. Learn how to build a community and an Ecovillage using Ecovillage Design Principles of the four key dimensions ie.Social, ecology, economy and worldview.”

Course fees include food & accommodation

Course fee : 7,500 THB (book & pay after March 31st)

 Early bird fee : 6500 THB (book & Pay before March 31st)

Course Dates :

  • January 15th-20th, 2023
  • February 6th – 11th 2023
  • June 5th – 10th 2023
  • August 7th – 12th 2023
  • September 4th – 9th 2023
  • November 13th-18th 2023

Permaculture Design Certificate Course (18 days)

(Language : English)

“Intensive and certified course on Permaculture Design that will help you design your life and your relationship with our planet Earth”

Course fee include food & accommodation : 29500 THB.

Early bird fee is 26,550 (book & pay before February 28th

Course Dates : 

  • 19th of June-7 July, 2023


Earthen Building Workshop: Building an Eco School with Green Roof (10 days)

(Language : English)

“Learn how to build with earthen material like Adobe, Earthbag and how to build a green roof”

Course Fee : 15,500 THB (Food & Accommodation included)

Early bird fee : 13,500 THB

Course Dates :

March 1st – 10th 2023


Deep Ecology (Work Thats Reconnect) & Permaculture :

(Language : English)

“Building connection with ourselves and nature  through the path of Deep Ecology and Permaculture. Integrating the learning through head, heart, hand and the way of life at Gaia Ashram.”

Course Fee : 7,500 THB (food & accommodation included)

Early bird feee : 6,500 THB (book & pay before March 31st)

Course Date :

Feb 23rd – 27th 2023

July 26th – 30th 2023

September 26th – October 1st  2023


Facilitation for Connection :

(Language : English)

“Learn the basic skills and advanced skills for facilitation that deepen connection with oneself with other in community and with nature. These facilitation skills can be used for community building, deep learning process and nature connection activities. Appropriate for those who want to start or advance their skills as facilitator.”

Course Fee : 16,500 THB (Food & Accommodation included)

Early bird fee : 15,000 THB (book & pay before March 31st)

Date : 

October 23rd – November 2nd 2023 (English)


Foundation of Yoga Asana :

(Language : Check on the course dates)

“Theory & Practice of Yoga Asana for beginner who wants to start their yoga journey with proper foundation practices.”

Course Fee : 11,000 THB

(food & accommodation included)

Early bird fee : 9,500 THB (book & pay before February 28th 

Date : 

Feb 14th – 20th 2023(English)

April 24th – 30th 2023 (Thai )

August 21st – 27th 2023(English)

December 18th – 24th 2023 (English)


Tai Chi Practice for Beginner :

(Language : Bilingual, English & Thai)

“Learn the basic of Tai Chi for health, movement meditation and for personal growth.”

Course Fee : 4,900 THB (Food & Accommodation included) 

Course Dates : 

January 27th – 29th 2023 

May 19th – 21st 2023 

July 21st – 23rd 2023 

October 6th – 8th 2023 


Basic of Thai Medicine and Self Care Retreat 

(Language : English)

“Learn the basic of Thai Medicine for self-care and family care. Learn basic of Thai Massage, foot massage and the practice of ‘Food as Medicine’ taught by team of certified Thai Medicine herbalists and massage therapists. in this five days program it will be your self care retreat and bring back home practices to care for yourself and your family.”

Course Fee : 7,900 THB(Food & Accommodation included)

Early bird : 7,000 THB (book & pay before 28th February

Course Dates : 

May 27th – 31st 2023 

September 19th – 23rd 2023

November 22nd – 26th 2023 


Gaia Calling & Ecovillage Network Gathering :

(Language : Bilingual, English & Thai)

“A Gathering and Celebration of Folks who values community, connection and Earth Care.” 

Course Fee : to be confirmed

Course Dates : 

December 9th – 13th 2023