Introduction to NextGENOA


Who are we?

NextGENOA is a network of young people from the Asian & Oceania region who are committed to care for the earth by practicing and promoting sustainable living and Ecovillage values within the Oceania and Asia region & potentially beyond the region. NextGENOA is the regional network of national/local NextGEN groups such as NextGEN Srilanka, NextGEN Korea, NextGEN China & NextGEN Thailand. We are also a member of GENOA and NextGEN network, under the bigger community of GEN (Global Ecovillage Network).

When did we start?

After the Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) course in Gaia Ashram (Thailand) in 2016, a group of dedicated earth warriors started to work together and our group has been growing until now.

Why are we together?

NextGENOA aims to expand its impact through supporting & creating as many local/national & regional group, that take action for positive change, as possible. The highest purpose of NextGENOA is to have as many young people as possible be involved in creating a positive and sustainable future in any aspect and at any capacity they have.

What have we done?

  • Contribute in the Ecovillage Design Education 2016 and 2018 in Gaia Ashram, Thailand.
  • NextGENOA meeting in February 2018 and frequent online communication.
  • NextGENOA in country-level: Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, China
  • Participation in GENOA Gathering 2018
  • Joint projects between member countries: Forest trek (China & Cambodia) in 2016; Green Lady Cloth Pad (Cambodia & Vietnam) 2017 – 2018
  • Documentary project: sustainable movement in Asia (on-going)

What’s next?

    NextGENOA Networking Conference (March 24-26, 2019) in Gaia Ashram, Thailand: following up the Gathering Gaia Calling which will be held in Gaia Ashram from March 18-22, we would like to invite our members and friends who are interested in becoming a part of NextGENOA network to join a 3 day program. In this networking conference we will together celebrate our actions to nourish our Mother Earth, listen to stories of change agents around NextGENOA network, imagine a better future together and draw it into concrete action plans. This conference also aims to strengthen the special bond among warriors of the Earth and create an open platform where our actions can be amplified and inspire each other. NextGENOA Networking Conference welcomes anyone who care about Mother Earth and seek to be a part of our Gaian community.

Contact information: 

Some photos of our activities:

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