This course has been postponed because of covid-19!Natural Building Course // 28 March – 6 April 2021

Join us for a 10-day hands-on Natural Building Course, learn to build with earth, and how to set up a green roof.

This course will teach you the magic of natural building and inspire you to start your own mud project: During the course, you’ll get your hands dirty, learn a handful of building techniques, And also natural building theory and design!

This 10-day Natural Building Course will take place from the 28 March to April 6 here at our permaculture community Gaia Ashram in Thailand that currently is home to 7 earthen structures. The course is ideal for you if you are interested in building your own earthen home, if you are interested in learning a variety of natural building techniques, if you are looking to live a sustainable lifestyle, or simply want to connect with Mother Earth. Throughout the course, we will follow a good balance of theoretical sessions and practical hands-on experiences. Be sure to get muddy!

You’ll leave this course understanding the basics of natural building and feeling empowered and inspired to try and learn more, or even start your own mud project.

What is Natural Building?

In essence, natural building is all about reconnecting with our ancestral roots and our natural environment. Earthen homes are beautiful, durable, healthy, and spiritually uplifting buildings but natural building it is also a way of building nurturing relationships with people and Mother Earth along the way.

What are we going to do during the Natural Building Course?

The course provides you with comprehensive knowledge, practical skills, and experience for building with natural and recycled materials that are locally found in the area. You will be working on different structures on our land, experiencing several techniques to give you an overview of the basic techniques of natural building. On top of that, we’ll work on setting up a green roof on one of our mud houses.

You’ll experience how to

  • Create a mud mix for building
  • Make adobe bricks and building walls
  • Mix and work with cob
  • Make and apply natural plasters and paint
  • Set up a green roof

You’ll also learn about

  • Natural Building Theory: what materials can be used and why
  • Ecological and efficient house design
  • Building techniques across the globe

Our program will be a well-balanced mix of hands-on and theory sessions mentioned above.

As a course participant, you are part of our Gaia Ashram community and learn about working and learning together and sharing space, time, and knowledge. In addition, there will be space and opportunities to share knowledge and learn about other aspects of community living.

What are the fees?

The fee for this course is 15,000 THB.

The fee includes 3 vegetarian/vegan meals, accommodation, course materials, and teacher fees. We ask all participants to make a deposit of 5,000 THB to secure your spot and pay the remaining amount in THB in cash on arrival or electronic payment before arrival.

Secure your spot now and pay the deposit

When you fill out the registration form you’ll be asked for your preferred payment method and we’ll send you all details for you to secure your spot!

Please be aware that in case you have to cancel the course due to personal reasons the deposit cannot be refunded.

We as organizers reserve the right to cancel the course, even at short notice, if there is a danger to the well-being of the visitors and organizers, such as viral infections (COVID-19 pandemic), storms or natural disasters (fire, hurricanes, floods). In this case, the organizer cannot be held liable for personal losses. Deposits will be refunded at 100%. To prevent further personal loss, we recommend to take out a travel cancellation insurance.

The facilitators


Ben Murray

Ben is an Ecological designer, consultant, and teacher with a background in organic and biodynamic gardening/agriculture, natural building, horticulture & landscape architecture. Ben is the founder of Holistic Regeneration, has 20 years experience in the realm of Horticulture and has been consulting, practicing and teaching permaculture, organic gardening and natural building for almost 10 years in England, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Kenya and India and is currently working as an itinerant trainer of transformational and empowering workshops and courses.

… and the Gaia Ashram team!

Food and Accommodation

Included in the course fee is accommodation in our dormitory and 3 vegetarian/vegan meals per day. Nevertheless, we also have private accommodation available.

Our facilities are basic but functional, comfy, and most importantly, out of natural and recycled material!


  • Accommodation: Dormitory, shared rooms, and single rooms available. Mosquito nets, cushions, bedding, and blankets are provided.
  • Private rooms are available for an extra fee (single room 2,000 THB & big room 3,000 THB for course duration). Please choose your preferred accommodation in the registration form.
  • Common Space for sessions: Indoor sessions will be held in our naturally built sala or our mini sala out of bamboo. Practical sessions will be happening on the land.
  • Toilets and showers: We provide compost toilets and showers for men and women.

General: ข้อมูลอื่นๆ

  • Internet: We don’t provide Wi-Fi but you usually get a good reception with AIS. There is an internet shop in the next village that is usually open every day.
  • Food: Healthy local vegetarian food will be served by local cooks. Participants will team up to cook breakfast in turns.

Who are we?

Gaia Ashram is a community-based education center on Permaculture, Deep Ecology, Ecovillage Design Education and other sustainable living practices. We are a learning center that provides workshops and courses for both international and national participants. Feeling the urge to regenerate Mother Earth, Gaia Ashram was founded in 2013 by Tom and Om.

Learn more about us

Where to find us

We are located in the Northeast of Thailand, in between Nong Khai and Udon Thani. Where exactly we are and how you can get to us can be found here.

How to apply for the Natural Building Course?

Fill in the registration form and pay the down payment of 5,000 THB through Eventbrite, or bank transfer (for Thai accounts only). Then you are booked! We will contact you shortly after your registration.

***Please be aware of our policy on drugs & alcohol***

We don’t allow alcohol or drugs on our property. We ask people to smoke at the smoking corner only to provide a healthy environment for learning and living together. We encourage people to take this course as an opportunity to have a break from smoking or drinking.

May this Natural Building Course of benefit to Mother Earth and all her beings!