Newsletter 3

“With love, respect and gratitude in our hearts, with joy and care, with the concerns we have for the consequences of our lifestyles to nature and all beings, with the willingness to share and bring awareness to friends, families and others and to deepen the love, respect and connection to nature amongst ourselves, the children … Continue reading Newsletter 3

Veuntan Village School

Newsletter # 2 “Connecting with cultural, spiritual and ecological roots; A two month Journey along the Maekong River by the Gaia School Asia team, to connect with local children, youth, teachers and schools, and together deepening our connection with the culture and nature, through our holistic educational programs that are based on Deep Ecology philosophy, … Continue reading Veuntan Village School

“Spirit of the Maekong Journey”

Newsletter# 1 Reflections by Lucy Martin: A week before I arrived in the North East of Thailand wooly hats were donned at night, now it's boiling hot, but thankfully the river and its banks are cool and muddy. We 4 are sitting by one the Mekong's tributaries that flows through , each in our own … Continue reading “Spirit of the Maekong Journey”