Climate Change School Tour

Nhong Khai Province, Thailand

The “Climate Change School Tour” is a project under NextGEN Thailand and Gaia School Asia. This project aims to raise awareness among teachers and students in schools on our changing climate. The project provides 2-3 hours teaching sessions on climate change to primary, secondary and high schools. The key learning will be:

What is climate change?

What are the causes?

What are the effects?

What can we do?

Sessions are participatory, interactive and fun for kids and designed to be suitable for different ages of students.

For the long-term vision, this project aims to find pilot schools that are interested in greening their schools with support from Gaia School Asia. This greening the schools project will highly involve the children in the whole “green design process”.

The “Climate Change School Tour” has been  piloted in the Nongh Khai Province of Thailand from January 15th – May 31th 2013.

We taught at  7 schools and have reached about 650 students. After every session we reflected, to learn what went well and what could be better. We keep adjusting and developing our sessions for the children so they learn more, enjoy and are inspired to take action for change.

We have had brainstorm sessions with the children on solutions and the positive action we could take to help nature. All of them agree that planting more trees and stop cutting trees is an important solution and doable. The children from different schools all agree on this.

Therefore, it was decided to set up the1.000 Trees Campaign as part of the Climate Change School Tour campaign. In this period we planted over 1200 trees in the area mostly with the schoolchildren and we can say that we accomplished our goal.

We will have follow up sessions with the schools and children.